03 Apr 2007

Give In to Your Inner Rebel

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Your inner rebel: Brando in The Wild One (1953)

Matt Lewis says it’s time for us Republican conservatives to stop thinking about those safe, liberal 2008 choices, and start supporting someone in our hearts we know is right.

In life, there are times to make a safe choice. Should you go to the gym in the morning or pour yourself a bowl of Miller Lite Cheerios? Should you take the car rental insurance or chance it? Decisions, decisions.

Similarly tough choices inevitably seep into our politics. For Republican voters, it has been: Should you vote for Ross Perot or Pat Buchanan, or go with the Republican standard-bearer? (You probably made the “adult” decision, sucked it up and punched your ticket for George H.W. Bush and Bob Dole, even if they were squishy Republicans who were dull as can be.)

For 2008, the safe thing means backing one of the “big three” Republicans, Sen. John McCain (Ariz.), former Massachusetts governor Mitt Romney or former New York City mayor Rudy Giuliani.

Here’s the problem with always doing the safe thing: Voting is supposed to be a bit rebellious. There are times to throw caution to the wind and go for what you really want. (This often happens after a few drinks.) Depending on your lifestyle, that might include buying a motorcycle, following the Grateful Dead, getting a tattoo or just ordering another helping of that sinfully rich chocolate cake.

Read the whole thing.

He won’t get an argument from me.

4 Feedbacks on "Give In to Your Inner Rebel"

Elinor Dashwood

Every time I give free rein to my Inner Rebel, Cacciaguida gets fratchetty and the whole family is uncomfortable. We’re for Brownback, however.


Run Fred Run!

Yves Benoit

My son who is 15 made his choice already, and I swear I didn’t influence him at any point.

Well that too short sentence calls for further explanation, maybe.

One of his professors asked his class what follows:
For the next exercise, find any famous person of your choice and then prepare a speech to defend him. See you next week, gentlemen.

My son spontaneously picked up George W. Bush and then came to see me and explained the situation in which he got himself, begging for some help. He added: I am pretty sure my professor is socialist. You see my problem?

I didn’t help him that much, actually. Just told him in substance “beware about the weapons of mass destruction that failed a bit to happen in Iraq. Also, beware about Katrina and all those people in Louisiana who lost their home. Your professor may be waiting for cornering you hard about these two issues, at least. If you are not yourself convinced enough about what you are going to say, you’ll be ridiculed in no time.”

He just underwent the ordeal today morning; and you know what? He got the second best score of his classroom for his performance. I couldn’t believe it!
For, it is useful to precise that he is studying in a French private (Catholic) school. Yes… In France!

He told me that he believes he got that score because, at some point, he successfully turned upside down the situation during his hearing and stated that if George Bush had waged war against Saddam Hussein it was for the sake of peace; before he added in latin: civis pacem parabellum.

Sorry, but I am quite proud of him and it happened that you just wrote your post the very same day.

Maybe, my son is a rebel.


Well, I’m Cacciaguida, so I guess I’d better follow up on what my wife Elinor Dashwood said.

1. Newt can electrify I room. I’ve been watching him do it for literally almost a quarter-century, since I heard him speak to a town meeting of conservatives in Alexandria, Va. He’s still doing it, e.g. at the NR Conservative Summit two months ago. His substance is good, his style is great. He is NOT on my “Would Never Consider” list.

2. That said, the “character issue” arising out of those multiple divorces is real for me. And I have doubts about where he stands on some issues that I care about.

3. I fully agree with Matt Lewis that the conservative’s “inner rebel” should be heeded, especially this early in the process. Mine is saying Brownback.


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