14 Apr 2007

Vet Survives; Conflicting Reports About the Croc

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Veterinarian Chang Po-yu reached through the bars to administer an additional shot of sedative, or to remove some tranquilizer darts from the hide of a Nile crocodile (Crocodylus niloticus) in the Shoushan Zoo located in Kaohsiung, Taiwan, depending on which account you read, when the insufficiently-sedated saurian turned and bit off Dr. Chang’s arm.

Reports in the Asian papers say that police were summoned, and the offending reptile was permanently sedated by two shots from an officer’s sidearm.

Western press reports claim that zookeepers merely fired two shot which either missed, or bounced harmlessly off old smiley’s neck. The shots proved sufficiently alarming, however, to persuade the grinning beast to drop his prize and beat a retreat.

The BBC even reports the croc is doing well, and is enjoying its 15 minutes of celebrity.

I personally suspect that the Oriental papers are telling the truth, and that crocodile has departed for the big swamp in the sky.

Taipei Times

National Geographic News

Whatever happended to the croc, the poor veterinarian’s arm was recovered, and doctors were able to re-attach it after a 6-7 hour operation.

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I think the vet deserved what happened to him because his arm only got taken off because of his own stupidity.


why should you have to kill the croc after what it has done
that is just what it is used to doing in the wild.


I was there, and it was horrible what they did to that croc. It did the only thing it knows to do.






You MORONS!! Who the hell cares about a croc, you should be worried about the man and his arm! What the hell is wrong with you people, Humans are MORE IMPORTANT THAN A STUPID CROC!!!!!!! ……….


I think every one is intitaled to their own opinion all of you are right in your own way. i think it is sad that the crock had to do that to the man poor guy! But i am also sad for the animal it was reflect what would you do in his position?? Love and suport to both of them<333!!!



ellie kingston

the first picture is really freky because a hand is stiking out


I have a comment on DMAN’s comment.
Without crocodiles, there would be an very important part of the food chain missing. And besides, what are humans doing to the enviorment? They are destroying this world! I have to say, you are really very selfish, not for yourself, but for the human race.

I do not think they should have killed the crocodile because that is what they would do in the wild. Besids, a croc’s got to do what a croc’s got to do.


I forgot to add, I disagree with Rebekah. You do not know how fast a Nile crocodile is. It can run faster than 30 mph. Also, a jerk of the head can be as fast as something dropping.

Also, the sedative can hurt, and it will render the croc unconsious. I think the croc was just trying to defend himself, because a syringe could look scary (well, at least to a croc who didn’t experience that in the wild). If I were the croc and somebody appeared to be trying to harm me, I would have done the same thing.


wow that sucks did he get his arm back?


Why would anyone take a picture of that anyway–the close up image….Hmm I call B.S and say it was Photoshopped. I realize that this was a true story, but I honestly doubt anyone would be allowed to take a close-up photo of this croc–especially if he was going to have vet care. The workers would be too concerned with the well-being of the vet and the facility that this croc is located at would most likely be closed. Sorry for analyzing it so much..but…


that vet knew the risks in what he was doing it was his fault entirely. ive got no sympathy for him. the croc just acted out on its basic instinct which is what any animal would do. The crocodile shouldnt of been punished for this, the zoo shouldnt of let this happen in the first place.


to Rebekah and John,
If both of you get “accidentally” attacked and chewed up by a large predator of some sort, I will have no sympathy or concern at all for you, because all large predators are supposed to do that and you shouldn’t have been there. I will cheer and reward the animal for getting rid of a heartless, empty person like you.

jake pope

i think that the idiotic veteran should have gotten his arm bitten off for underestimating the mighty crocodile


DMAN u are so dumb!!! everybody always says “it is just a stupid animal” but it is not true!!! without animal we could not eat, we would starve to death!!!!!!!! THINK!!!!! what are fish,chicken,cows??? um let me guess they are peanut butter or humans ???? no!!! they are animals. U should be ashamed that a 9 year old has more brain than u do!!!!! And I’m not saying that i don’t feel bad for the man is just that he was so stupid!!!! I VOTE FOR THE CROC!!!! poor croc he didn’t deserve to punished like only because a stupid , brainless vetenerian decided to do his stupidity!!!!




GO CROC im at ur side hahahahaha….


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