23 Apr 2007

A Very Questionable Shooting

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A man and a woman were killed at a luxury oceanfront resort when police fired into their bungalow after they refused to drop a handgun, authorities said.

Is that so?

The story says there was an affluent couple, a domestic dispute, a naked woman, and two people pointing the gun at the police in turn.

They can’t really both have been pointing the gun at the police at the same time, now can they? So why did these cops need to shoot both of them? For that matter, since the police story does not include anyone actually firing at the police, why was it necessary to shoot anybody.

The last few decades have featured the ill-advised militarization of American police; a virtually infinite increase in police paranoia, cowardice, and incompetence; and the vanishing of common sense from police work. There are federal sources of training, operational standards, and philosophy behind these developments which badly need to be stopped.

One Feedback on "A Very Questionable Shooting"

jim powers

and so many cops wonder why people hate them and don’t trust them. This case should go to the grand jury and the trigger happy cops that shot them tried for murder. we do not need people like that in our country. That is what goes on in iraq.


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