02 May 2007

Jack Russell Dies Saving Children


In Manaia, New Zealand, when two ferocious pit bulls advanced menacingly toward a four year old in a group of five children, a Jack Russell Terrier named George gallantly launched a hopeless attack on the enormously larger dogs saving the children from being mauled.

Western Australian

7 Feedbacks on "Jack Russell Dies Saving Children"


that’s so sad ! A really lojal dog to risk his life for a human, and die..
But I think things would be better if Georg did’nt do this, I think a dog is far more worth then a person, no matter what age or the death they get!.
But done is done, This dog is really brave and lojal even though I dont get what he was thinking when he jumped in..


Poor dog what a very loyal and protective dog to save those kids, Again poor dog


I think those pit-bulls are to dangerous, and they should put the pit-bulls down.


Not all pitbulls are feroucius in fact I have met many sweet pitbulls


Alexandra how could you say that the dogs life is more inportant the that of the children!? That’s gross! Don’t get me wrong I love dogs! George was one of a kind of dog.


The dog was think I think something like this.”I gotta save those inocent little precious babies” that is man’s best friend for you!


omg…that is so so cute! A dog risking his life to save that girl and the chrildren….i cannot believe how brave that dogs is!!!!!!!!!!!!


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