02 May 2007

Realtor Showing House Finds Owner Dead in Bed


Janesville, Wisconsin Gazette-Xtra

A Janesville real estate agent can’t believe she didn’t realize that a form on the bed at a house she showed Monday night was a woman who apparently had been dead for two weeks.

“I’ve smelled death. I know what death smells like,” she said. “I can’t believe my sinuses were that bad.”

Linda Chabucos-Galow, a realtor with Shorewest, was showing the east side house at 1160 N. Claremont Drive to Justin and Colleen McKeen.

Chabucos-Galow stood in the dining room while the couple walked through the house. She heard Colleen scream as the couple stood at the doorway of the front bedroom.

“I thought, ‘What’s wrong?’ Maybe it was a dead mouse or something,” Chabucos-Galow said.

But when Chabucos-Galow peered into the bedroom, she saw what looked like a dummy on the bed.

“It looked like a Halloween prop,” Chabucos-Galow said.

It wasn’t.

One Feedback on "Realtor Showing House Finds Owner Dead in Bed"


Well Done Aliza!!!! You are as real as was Enron, Xerox and all Dot Com companies profits in early 2000

You are as real as the Nuks in Iraq
So why all demand to know if Aliza was actually pregnent and aborted for art project . Let first demand reality from those who leaves you without pensions, take you to war and dump on street employees who dedicate their life to companies which were all just a hoax.



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