25 May 2007

One Manufactured Scandal, and More to Come

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Kimberly Strassel in the Wall Street Journal explains the game plan.

If there’s a smarter guy in Washington right now than Sen. Chuck Schumer, Republicans haven’t noticed. The New York Democrat is doggedly working to dismantle what’s left of the Bush presidency, with barely an ounce of pushback from the other side.

Mr. Schumer was the instigator of the Democrats’ probe into the firing of eight U.S. attorneys, although note that the question of who fired which prosecutor is already yesterday’s news. The attorneys mess was just an opening, a hook that is now allowing Mr. Schumer to escalate into an assault on the wider administration, as well as presidential authority over key programs, such as wiretapping.

The ultimate goal? Surround the Bush presidency in a mist of incompetence and corruption, force Attorney General Alberto Gonzales to go, get a special prosecutor appointed to examine the many supposed misdeeds, and then sit back and ride the steady drip-drip of negative Bush headlines all the way to more Senate seats and the Oval Office.

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As I seem to not be able to post under the original topic about your single sided opinions on the Sentinelese tribe on the Andaman islands anymore, I now do post it here. If you like, move my comment there.

You must have incredible connections to the Sentinelese! Do you know what experiences these people did or did not have over the duration of their long existence with other people bringing in severe diseases? In that case, maybe share your information with anthropologists worldwide who would surely be more than interested!

Their society has been in existance for many thousand years (up to some 60000, some DNA-analysis say) and have achieved this despite numerous threats to their way of living throughout this time. This inevitably means they must be doing something right. How old and experienced is the society you live in, in comparison? And: How long will yours last?

These guys know and have proven through thousands of years of existence that the way they live works best for them, and they defend their right to choose their form of life – just as you pay your government to do the same, despite you don’t have any similar evidence that your form of living is really a good choice on the long run. Opposite to you and your government, they do not try and intrude on you or anyone else to force you to live their way.

> They routinely massacred any
> unfortunates who came ashore on their
> strongholds long before Western
> science had any knowledge of that kind
> either.

So did many countries and so-called civilisations around the world throughout the ages, including your country up to date, right NOW. And, as I said above, your assumption, indicated by the word either, that they did not have any experience with visitors bringing deadly diseases, is totally made up by you.

Of course, you choose to ignore all this. You rather choose to draw from selected sources such as the 11th edition Britannica that are as out-dated and single-sided as you are yourself. This blatantly egocentric and righteous pseudo-interaction with the real world is exactly why Americans are so welcome in many places around the globe – not.

But I am not your babysitter and won’t do your job to gather information in order to enable you to have an elaborate opinion. Do that yourself.

As long as you choose to persistently ignore anything that might contradict your single sided fantasie world, you will stay inside that small pityful world. Enjoy your 2D-life, make yourself at home – and please, stay there and don’t bother other people.

This conversation is boring. I’m out.


Interesting to mention though that you seem to block access to comment threads if you don’t seem to like solid and founded opinions given there.

Everyone else, enjoy your time on this site…


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