19 Aug 2007

Greenpeace Adopts San Francisco Approach to Save Shrinking Swiss Glacier

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If you’re a leftist, it would never occur to you that Nature has cycles and that change is normal. If the weather is colder for few years, that must mean we’re headed into another Ice Age and human behavior is to blame. If the weather is slightly warmer for a few years, catastrophic Anthropogenic Global Warming has to be underway.

Glaciers couldn’t possibly shrink and grow at different periods of times. A shrinking glacier is a one-way process and event. Once it melts, its gone for good.

And, if you are a leftist, what can you do about this sort of problem? How do you change public policy? It’s very simple: you take off all your clothes and stand around naked in a public place out-of-doors in order to be photographed.

Reuters explains that Greenpeace thought all this would “establish a symbolic relationship between the vulnerability of the melting glacier and the human body.”

Isn’t there something fundamentally preposterous about the supposition that anyone would be willing to be guided on matters of science by the sort of people who have so little grasp of cause and effect that they rely upon pointless symbolic behavior to try to achieve political goals?

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David Wiggins

The famous climber Edward Wymper who was the first to climb the Matterhorn commented on the shrinking glaciers in the Alps circa the mid-1800s. This can be validated in his writings in particular “Scrambles in the Alps” and his excellent “Guide to Zermatt”. The commie-greens just want us to feel guilty about GW while at the same time doing something that will get their hairy legged hippie chicks in the mood.


Talk about shrinkage!


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