25 Aug 2007

Air Force’s First Female Aerial Gunner


Airman First Class Vanessa Dobos

Her profile at Reasoned Audacity reads:

Vanessa Dobos is a gunner of a USAF AC-130 gunship. She has seen action in Iraq and Afghanistan. She likes long walks on the beach, men who are not afraid to cry and puppies.

Her dislikes include feed tray stoppages, tracer flareout of her NVGs and premature fixed-wing strikes scattering her high-value targets.

Via The News Junkie at Maggie’s Farm.

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Kevin Gainer

She is actually a gunner on an HH-60 rescue helicopter. See http://www.af.mil/news/airman/1103/gunssb1.html.


Perhaps she served on both? The ultimate source of the humorous profile is unclear. The author seems knowledgeable, but I’m not positive about it’s accuracy.



There is no such thing as a “gunner” on an AC-130. She is a HH-60 Pavehawk gunner and that is quite a feat.

“That Others May Live”


There are gunners on AC-130. The picture, being from early 2003 when Airman Dobos completed initial training, is probably on HH-60 PaveHawk, given that it is painted. Also, that is 7.62mm GAU-2/A minigun, used on both HH-60 and AC-130.


Having had the honor of serving under Chuck Yeager- 405th Ftr.Wing , RVN 67-68 , I can tell you that while this young lady is a treasure , far too valuable to risk loosing, I am heartned by her courage and example. For millions of us- Thank You!


I think this young lady is absolutely fantastic. I like her attitude, her goals, her looks, and her morals. I’d marry her in 30 seconds and never look back. What a great image for the USA!!!!!!!!



“I’ve grown accustomed to your gun”.
I feel genuine pride for that young lady. Kind of gives a little twist to the term “Bad Girl”.
Sempre Fi.

Linda Ambler

I represent Hell Survivors, a paintball fiend in Pinckney, MI. We would like to honor this lady with a life time VIP to our property. Please let me know how to contact her or an address we can send her a letter thanking her for her service and her VIP card.

Linda Ambler


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