27 Sep 2007

Lynne Stewart (Who Aided Terrorists) to Speak on Legal Ethics at Hofstra

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Walter Olson notes that:

Hofstra Law School, and its Institute for the Study of Legal Ethics, are hosting Lynne Stewart, but their biographical blurb somehow forgets to note that she was convicted of providing material aid to terrorists and then disbarred. Must have been lack of space.

The blind Sheikh Omar Abdel-Rahman

Ms. Stewart was merely imprisoned and disbarred for assisting her translator to convey a message to 1993 World Trade Center bombing master-mind Omar Abdel-Rahman in prison from Egyptian terrorist group, and then delivering his response at her press conference.

2 Feedbacks on "Lynne Stewart (Who Aided Terrorists) to Speak on Legal Ethics at Hofstra"

Scott D

I wonder how they’d feel if Bernie Ebberts was invited to speak on accounting principals to the business school.


A Marxist piece of garbage, who willingly aided and abetted people that she knew were trying to kill innocent Amercians (and New Yorkers), a vile human being, who laughed and bragged afterwards about what she did, unapologetic, and hater of all things American…..

I hope she rots in jail.


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