22 Oct 2007

Valerie Plame’s Book Release

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Get out your handkerchiefs. Valerie Plame Wilson’s book, telling how her villainous elected opponents tried hijacking control of the US foreign policy from her friends in the State Department and the CIA, and had the effrontery to question the bona fides of her husband’s testimony on Iraqi uranium deals with Niger, appears today.

Mrs. Wilson herself will be promoting sales by blogging on the Huntington Post, sharing Oprahesque accounts of her adventures at the Agency, her courage in facing post-partum depression, and her struggles with the anxieties produced by the sudden arrival of celebrity and book-contract-induced wealth.

The aptly-named leftwing Crooks-and-Liars blog has a couple of video excerpts (here) from Mrs. Wilson’s 60 minutes interview with Katie Couric, which are worth watching. Couric simply accepts Valerie Wilson’s assertion of her alleged covertness, but during the second excerpt she actually asks a few questions featuring a modicum of skepticism. C&L’s Logan Murphy is moved to indignation by Couric’s failure to deliver a 100% loyal interview.


Also Valerie Plame’s buddy, Intel Community leftist Larry Johnson, offers a hair-raising (and characteristically foul-mouthed) story of poor Valerie, a mother with two pre-school children, abandoned to the mercies of Al-Qaeda by the Bush Administration and the CIA.

What am I talking about? In 2004 the FBI received intelligence that Al Qaeda hit teams were enroute to the United States to kill Dick Cheney, Karl Rove, and Valerie Plame. The FBI informed Valerie of this threat. This was just more “good” news piled on the fact that her intelligence career was in shambles, that intelligence assets she had recruited/managed were destroyed, and that she was unable to rebut publicly false and malicious smears of her character and reputation by a bunch of partisan Republican hacks. As the mother of two pre-school children, her first thoughts were about protecting her kids. She took the threat seriously and asked for help.

When the White House learned of these threats they sprung into action. They beefed up Secret Service protection for Vice President Cheney and provided security protection to Karl Rove. But they declined to do anything for Valerie. That was a CIA problem.

Valerie contacted the office of Security at CIA and requested assistance. They told her too fucking bad and to go pound sand. They did not use those exact words, but they told her she was on her own. …

So if you have wondered why Joe and Val are a little pissed off, this might help shed some additional light on the matter. Not only did the Bush Administration out a covert intelligence officer working on the most sensitive national security issues in a time of war, but when that officer faced a direct threat to her life and her family’s safety because of that public exposure, they did not do a goddamn thing to help. I don’t know about you, but that fries my ass.

Since Mrs. Wilson appeared on 60 minutes very recently, demonstrably she was not, in fact, assassinated by Al Qaeda. The absence of reports of any attack suggests that Al Qaeda never actually tried. And, why should they? Mr. & Mrs. Wilson have been of great service to them, and have done great harm to the US cause. I would expect Al Qaeda to want to give both of them a medal, not to desire to harm them.

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I don’t get it… How have the Wilson’s been of great service to Al Qaeda?? What the heck am I missing here?


Anyone, and I mean ANYONE, who opposes the Bush administration or right wing politics in general, has helped Al Queda, other Tim. Don’t you remember the President saying “You are either with us or against us”? That might not be black and white enough for some right-wingers, but they have grasped it now!

Are you anti-war? You helped Al Queda. Did you vote for John Kerry? Helped Al Queda. Oppose the President’s veto of the S-CHIP program? Al Queda. Wondered if Scooter Libby’s prison sentence should be commuted? You ARE Osama! Criticize a sandwich order by Bill Kristol? You thug terrorist. Wonder why everyone names Kagan is a war-mongering coward and has to work for the AEI? Beyond the pale you traitorous Al Queda slimeball.

I hope this primer helped.

Ken McCracken

Oh yeah, Valerie Plame and her loser husband telling lies about the administration was actually *helpful* to the war against al-Qaeda!

In a very convoluted, self-praising, roundabout sort of way.

Dominique R. Poirier

Although I cannot share all your feelings I let you know that I understand them, sincerely, and even though I would be member of AEI, yet I wouldn’t blame you at all; neither would I consider you as disloyal toward your country.

May I explain to you why, one minute?

America is at war, as it is repeatedly said. But she is not just at war only against a bunch of bearded crackpots and true believers whose open violent behavior constitutes, in fact, no more than a visible feature of a greater war involving other people and other tactics and methods pertaining mainly to a field best known as “active measures.” A war of intelligence, wit and nerves, which is almost entirely based upon deception, and which aims at overcoming the mind of the American people and this of its allies since its military and other conventional forces are too strong to be attacked. A foggy war during which battlefields happen to transform into wildernesses of mirrors where even professionals of the field such as experienced diplomats and skilled spooks can lose touch with realities.

America neither did want this war, nor was she the first to start it; and at this point of my comment I feel obliged to say that I’m not an American citizen and that I have been given the privilege, if I may say so, to see things under an angle inaccessible to you and even to most of the AEI’s members as well.
This privileged position allows me to say that those persons you blame and the Bush administration you seem to associate to them not only didn’t go too far at all, but that their reaction you find excessive and their influence you question happened a bit too lately, actually. Whence the reason of those excesses.

The two main difficulties for most Americans as yet are to cope with an enemy who persistently repeats it is not, and to live with a government unwilling to reveal this truth in a laudable hope that things may calm down through other means than “overt” cold war—or worse. Both adversaries consistently lie to their respective people, to put it bluntly.

Whence your incomprehension and your understandable discontent.

“Bush lied and people died,” said some. Oh yes, indeed! How I agree with that. But not the way it has been suggested by some and the way you and many Americans understood it, so far.

My concern is different of yours. For, I don’t see how things are going to calm down, and I’m unable to find any clue suggesting they are going to calm down; quite on the contrary. As a result, I wonder how long and how far George W. Bush and his successors will still lie? It makes me feel uncomfortable too; even though I feel obliged to acknowledge the good will and the reasons underlining the big lie.

Given your temper, I believe that you would heartily pardon him and even express your apologies if ever he chose to tell the truth.



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