30 Oct 2007

Bigfoot Photos From Pennsylvania

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Ray L. Wallace before he passed away in a nursing home in Centralia, Washington in 2002 admitted that he had personally created the North American Sasquatch myth with some faked footprints leading to nationwide press reports in 1958. But the stories continue.

Last September 16th, around 10:30 PM, an automatic camera set up by Rick Jacobs in the Allegheny National Forest, near Ridgway in Elk County, Pennsylvania, intended to capture photos of a trophy buck,was triggered and took some photographs prompting world-wide Bigfoot-sighting reports.

Bradford County Era

news.com.au (Australia) Photo Gallery

Obviously bears.


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Harold J. Forsythe

I did live in Pennsylvania, up untill about twenty years ago. There was always stories about bigfoot back then. I live in Ohio now, one night I was walking along a wooded area of the Metroparks in ohio in Rocky River it was about 2am. At about 100 hundred feet away from me I saw this creature that was all black walking on four legs at first I thought it was a dog but when I got close enough to get a better view of it. At about fifty feet away I noticed that it did not look like any animal that I have ever seen before, all of a sudden it took off into the woods, maybe I spooked it, for what ever reason it ran, I did not follow it being dark outside and me without any source of lite. So I just shrugged the notion off, but I do believe in Bigfoot, because if you think about it Scientist the world round have been finding new life forms and animals all over. Sure it would be great to have concrete proof of Bigfoot, that could not be disputed, but untill then I shall always believe in Bigfoot. For example they found that the giant squid does in fact exist by finding one in the deep waters. Look at all those new animals they the Scientist found in the Amazon jungle, some they thought where extint.


man bummer it wasn’t bigfoot well… keep trrying


i think that one is a gorilla on loose or a gorilla from the zoo cause bigfoot’s as i know use to stand with their bear feet and not with the help of their hands…


It was a juvenile Sasquatch from the investigations I seen from some credible people.


this is definately not bears.. i saw the original pics the bears?? where there first and chased away from the bait.. you can definately see the longer legs of the sasquatch and smaller bears…

Bill Fenton

An engineer measured it by using a game camera and stakes in the ground at the site. It had 22 inch arms and a 18 inch body that’s impossible for a bear.

Josh Benbrook

That looks like my sister…

n marlier

I’ve lived in pa all my life. I have seen up close many bears and a few with mange and that pic is sure as shit not of a bear. The apendages are far to long to be a bear and I have seen bears pushing 500 plus pounds that couldn’t touch the length that creature had. Look a little harder. No way a bear and not person in a suite

Jesus Christ

“Bigfoot Is Real”

Jesus Christ

“Bigfoot Is Real”
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