02 Nov 2007

Iraq War Gone AWOL from 2008 Campaign

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The major argument in the recent democrat candidates debate was New York Governor Spitzer’s plan to issue driver’s licenses to illegal aliens, not who would be quickest to declare defeat and withdraw from Iraq.

The democrats may be too late. Andrew Bolt declares that the war in Iraq has been won, and he believes that he can show that it was worth it.

There is a reason Iraq has almost disappeared as an election issue.

Here it is: The battle is actually over. Iraq has been won. …

Just 27 American soldiers were killed in action in Iraq in October – the lowest monthly figure since March last year. (This is a provisional figure and may alter over the next week.)

The number of Iraqi civilians killed last month – mostly by Islamist and fascist terrorists – was around 760, according to Iraqi Government sources.

That is still tragically high, but the monthly toll has plummeted since January’s grim total of 1990.

What measures of success do critics of Iraq’s liberation now demand?

Violence is falling fast. Al Qaida has been crippled.

The Shiites, Kurds and Marsh Arabs no longer face genocide.

What’s more, the country has stayed unified. The majority now rules.

Despite that, minority Sunni leaders are co-operating in government with Shiite ones.

There is no civil war. The Kurds have not broken away. Iran has not turned Iraq into its puppet.

And the country’s institutions are getting stronger. The Iraqi army is now at full strength, at least in numbers.

The country has a vigorous media. A democratic constitution has been adopted and backed by a popular vote.

Election after election has Iraqis turning up in their millions.

Add it all up. Iraq not only remains a democracy, but shows no sign of collapse.

I repeat: the battle for a free Iraq has been won. …

But if Iraq is “won”, why are so many Iraqis still dying?

Because some of the killers are just criminals, or are trying to kill their way to a piece of the action, or are – inevitably after so much cruelty and oppression – settling scores.

Others are agents of Iran, which wants to make America pay and Iraq obey.

And more – and the worst – are fanatics who just want to kill for their creed, and are killing Iraqis as they are killing Pakistanis, Algerians, Egyptians, Israelis and anyone else in the way of their jihad.

Iraq remains an ugly place, with lethal hatreds, yet none of these killers are winning and Iraq will not fall to them.

Consider: Iraq’s official estimate of civilian deaths from violence is now about 25 a day.

In South Africa, with twice the population, the official murder toll is 52 a day. That’s a rate of killing equal to Iraq’s.

Do you think those murders will topple South Africa?

And does anyone say of South Africa that these killings just prove freedom was not worth it? …

Add them all up, and even by the most conservative count you see Saddam did not just threaten the West, but cost the lives of more than 100 Muslims a day, every day, for the 24 years of his barbaric rule.

That’s four times more than are being killed in Iraq today, often by Saddam’s heirs and Saddam’s like.

Was Iraq worth it? Yes. It stands, it stays, and the winning of Iraq was worth it, indeed.

One Feedback on "Iraq War Gone AWOL from 2008 Campaign"

Svetlana Yepishin, UWF Student

Dear David, I do not agree with you and Andrew Bolt that Iraq war was worth it because killing 760 Iraqi terrorists did not eliminate Al-Qaeda.
The Iraq War was proclaimed to be the war on terror. After September 11 tragedy America thought that to fight terrorism it had to fight Iraq. The idea was to invade Iraq and kill all terrorists that reside there. This way America can protect itself from further terrorist attacks. Frank Davis, in his article, “Many American Believe There Was a Link Between Iraq, Sept 11,” suggests that president Bush linked “the wider terrorist network of Al-Qaeda with Al-Qaeda in Iraq, which did not exist before the 2003 invasion.” Does the killing terrorists in Iraq mean that the war was worth it? Was Al-Qaeda, a national terrorist organization, terminated?
The fact that many hijackers were Arabic does not prove that the capital of terrorism is in Iraq and that we just have to kill terrorist there to prevent any further attacks in America. Al-Qaeda organized attacks in Pakistan, Afghanistan and other countries. Therefore, you may say that the Iraq war was won, but its main purpose of eliminating terrorism was not accomplished. It was not worth to invade Iraq to fight the national terrorism.


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