13 Dec 2007

Rejecting Libertarianism (and the American Revolution)

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Mencius Moldbug had too much coffee again this morning, and has produced another of his incredibly lengthy, rambling and discursive, yet very clever postings, ranging happily over the intellectual landscape of libertarian theory and the history of the American Revolution this time.

Hat tip to Tim of Angle.

One Feedback on "Rejecting Libertarianism (and the American Revolution)"

Dominique R. Poirier

I have taken the time to read Mencius Moldbug’s article, indeed; then half a dozen this author wrote on other varied subjects.
But beyond splendid demonstrations of language mastery and erudition they all proved to be as frustrating as reading Kant, Heidegger, or Michel Foucault in each and every of those cases. For, Mencius Moldbug tackles each and every subject he chooses under a metaphysical optic, or close to.

I acknowledge that we are not all endowed with similar intellectual performances and I will willingly agree that the author’s works are beyond mine, possibly; certainly.
Somewhat ashamed by all this, I attempted to circumvent this handicap in reading the comments his readers posted…in vain.

Actually, I wonder whether those courageous persons were not facing similar difficulties.

All I understood is that Mencius Moldbug wants to draw our attention on his findings he fails to clearly transform into facts; and his apparent refusal to add any conclusion of a sort to his articles doesn’t help much.

As a result I systematically faced the same problem while finishing any article Mencius Moldbug authored. That is, I would be unable to comment on what his point is; even after a good night-sleep.



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