01 Jan 2008


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Roger de Hauteville takes a vicious poke at the adolescent immaturity of libertarians like Ron Paul (and some other people I know). FitzJames Stephen would be proud.

Let me save you all some time.

Look, I know it’s amusing talking about Ron Paul! Ron Paul! is a blast. Everybody loves a verbal grenade rolled into excruciatingly dull settings. But politics is supposed to be dull. Politics was interesting in Russia in 1917, in Iran in 1979, in Venezuela last year… well, what I’m trying to tell you is you don’t want to “live in interesting times.”

Now, young persons and people in rent-controlled apartments that work at fair trade coffee shops can afford the luxury of talking about whether the American Civil War was a good idea. If you just got out of college, Ron Paul! is right up your alley. Why talk about today’s silly problems when Ron Paul! is arguing about whether we should abolish the Second Bank of The US? It’s so much more lively to talk about history, because it’s on the shelf and you can find any damn version of it you want to argue over. Real time isn’t indexed yet.

Ron Paul! is captivating to youngins because he’s like the reset button on Halo. You don’t have to live with your decisions in the context of your surroundings. If you charge into a nest of fiat currency economies or Brutes, Elites, and Grunts and get slaughtered, just start over! Instead of having to offer cogent and useful advice on how to move forward in contemporary life, you just mention that contemporary life shouldn’t be that way.

Read the whole rant.

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Dominique R. Poirier

This “Roger de Hauteville” seems to take pokes not only at Ron Paul, but at the whole world, actually; bar the Mexican biker’s club “Los Centauros,” as strongly suggest other posts he wrote and pictures he published on Maggie’s Farm.

Isn’t that so?

Varados Sucuri

Vicious? More like deadly dull and difficult to read due to the bounty of grammatical errors. Simian howlings from an unfortunate creature.

Sallie Parker

First-rate rant. In fact, the part that comes after the jump is much better than the snippet above. This is partly because the writer finally makes his point and homes in for the kill (Ron Paul: catspaw for Hillary). But on the way we are treated to a delightfully succinct characterization of the Clinton Power Machine. Live boy, dead girl, horse’s head–so lip-smackin’ good it even makes me forgive the writer for his wicked caricature of Ron Paul and supporters. Anyway it’s easy to rebut that part of the rant. It may well be true that Ron Paul supporters are enabling a Hillary victory, and doing so consciously. But what of it? And why not? They and their ideas will prosper more under a Clinton administration than under a Huckabee/McCain/Romney one.


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