04 Jan 2008

Obama! Oh, no, not that!

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My leftwing classmates are chortling with joy over Obama’s victory in Iowa. Poor Hillary! How readily the left turns upon its own.

It’s too soon to tell, of course. But, I was wondering: what if those liberal classmates are right?

It is a lot like 1976, the last time Iowa determined the eventual victor. The Republican Party is out of favor with the electorate and in disarray. There is a chaotic field of candidates, again. Perhaps all this does spell disaster looming for the country. Obama would be another Carter. Like Carter, he’s an outsider and an adherent of impractical, dysfunctional leftism in all its forms. He, too, could produce US humiliation abroad accompanied by economic disaster at home, resulting in a one-term presidency followed by two 8-year Republican presidencies in a row. Could happen.

Maybe this country needs to learn its lesson the hard way every so many years.

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Scott D

The significance of the Iowa vote, IMO, is that, as in 1976, large numbers of people came out for change for the sake of change. They tend to forget, and do seem to need to relearn the lesson periodically, that it matters a great deal in what direction you are changing.

Dominique R. Poirier

Hey, come on; the chips are not done!

Let’s see what happens in New Hampshire, which is a clue at least as good as Iowa may be.


First, no one turns their own into chum and feeds them to the sharks like the reich wing does. Second, you’re assuming that we wanted Hilary in the first place and are therefore turning against her. Most of us don’t want her and never have wanted her. We see her as more of the neo-con variety than a progressive.


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