03 Mar 2008

Predicting November’s Results

The Collins Report is probably quite right about the eventual outcome.

Putting Caliph Barack Blessing Osama’s numbers in perspective

The media ignore this, but the Democrats are headed for reruns of 1972 and 1984. During both years they were euphoric about their chances.

In 1972 George McGovern was to be the final triumph of the left in its war against the war in Viet Nam. They thought had mainstreamed socialism “Power to the people! Comes to mind.”

Noted political morons like Jim Bouton, Warren Beatty, Dick Gregory, and Ron Kovic worked at the grassroots to sell socialism masked as peace and justice. Isn’t always?

McGovern took the worse beating in American history up to that point.

The irony is that we Republicans, too, will be repeating history. Just as in 1972, we will probably defeat an exotic extremist from the democrat party’s leftist fringe, but we will be electing a liberal Republican who will proceed to compile a long record of personal accomplishment consisting of doing exactly what our democrat opponents want. I believe he will also, just like Nixon, make fatal political mistakes and leave office providing the democrat’s with a virtual blank check for winning the next election.


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