15 Mar 2008

Obama Discusses Reszko

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with the Chicago Tribune’s John Kass, who finds himself unable to take a leap of faith.

Barack Obama looked me straight in the eye. I heard him speak. Yet unlike some other pundits, I felt no thrill going up my leg.

I did feel a twinge of Rezko, though, and figured Obama could feel it, too, like when the bottom of your foot cramps up inside your shoe and you can’t dance.

That’s “hardball” the Chicago way, as Barack visited the Tribune on Friday to discuss his old friend, fundraiser and real estate fairy, indicted political fixer Tony Rezko. Rezko himself was quite busy, in federal custody, preparing for this week’s testimony in his corruption trial. …

Obama asks us to believe he can swim in the sewers of Illinois politics without catching a cold. He tells us that Rezko helped him scope out his dream house, yet Obama never thought he’d get a call from Tony saying his back was itchy.

“No,” Obama said. “Because I had known him for a long time, and so I would have assumed I would have seen a pattern [of Rezko asking for favors] over the course of 15 years.”

I’m too old to believe in fairy tales.

At issue is the purchase of the Obama dream house on the South Side in 2005. The Rezkos bought the lot next door from the same owners on the same day, even as Tony was leprous with federal subpoenas. The Obamas paid $300,000 less than the asking price. The Rezkos paid the full list for the lot. Everybody was happy until Tony got indicted.

Was it a favor, with a bigger payout intended for later?

“No,” Obama said again, reiterating that I was wrong for writing that he needed Rezko’s help to buy his home.

Obama said he asked Rezko about the federal investigations, if Rezko had any problems, and Tony said no, and Barack believed it.

What will he say when Vladimir Putin of Russia asks President Obama to believe him? President Bush has already looked into Putin’s eyes, thought he saw a soul in there, and was greatly mistaken.

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The Republicans can’t wait for Obama to get the nomination before they make him look like either a crook or the most naive politician anyone has every met!. Reszko sought to be close to the powerbrokers of the state and sought to connected through his church and Obama had to know this when he took $250,000 in campaign contributions from Reszko. Which he later gave away to charity just like he eventually tried to hide from Reverend Wright and his rantings. Somehow Obama just doesn’t know about anything bad around him. If he is that lacking in vision how is he going to handle the pro’s in Washington! Reszko who lives in an estate in the North Shore of Wilmette just happened to find it in his heart to go to the far south side of Chicago and buy a a lot at full price next door to Barack Obama’s new house so that Barck could have the lot on the same day! Please don’t insult us. Obama will sink like a ship .


Obama discusses reszko.. I like it :)


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