29 Mar 2008

Yahoo and MSN Help China Apprehend Tibetan Protestors

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France24 The Observers:

Yahoo! China pasted a “most wanted” poster across its homepage today in aid of the police’s witch-hunt for 24 Tibetans accused of taking part in the recent riots. MSN China made the same move, although it didn’t go as far as publishing the list on its homepage.

Yahoo indignantly wrote France24 saying: “Yahoo! isn’t doing this. It’s Yahoo! China*.”

*Yahoo had to accept a Chinese partner, and Chinese control, to gain access to China’s market.

Hat tip to Matt Brown Hamlin

One Feedback on "Yahoo and MSN Help China Apprehend Tibetan Protestors"

Dominique R. Poirier

The Observers see only what they want to observe, seemingly.

For, as French journalists paid on public funds, they are supposed to know what Yahoo! China is; as Yahoo! France largely recourses to censorship when it comes to any criticism about left thought.

As known example that comes immediately to my mind: anyone questions the Che and its “achievements,” or the large promotion of Che Guevara in French public schools, on Yahoo! Answers France can expect to receive plenty of threatening answers before his question or answer be quickly removed through abusive use of the “report it” button.

And any claim sent to Yahoo! France about this patent abuse of the “report it” button will always remain unanswered…

Well, things still went that way a few days ago, at least. And, Sarkozy or not, news on Yahoo! News France still follows this good old trend of unabashed French anti-Americanism as well.

Hey, France 24! Why beholdest thee the mote in thy neigbor’s eye, and considerest not the beam in thine own eye?


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