13 Apr 2008

Why Was Obama’s “Bitter” Comment So Significant?

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Bird Dog, at Maggie’s Farm, identifies the crucial subtext which has echoed around the entire country.

The reason Obama’s words keep getting so much attention is because they reveal so much of what we already know about how the self-ordained elite think about regular folks. …

Obama gets in trouble whenever he says what he thinks – and either he or his wife do it all the time. They don’t hide it.

Do they think we all live in Berkeley or Cambridge among the bien pensant brie-eaters? (disclaimer: I am known to eat brie.) Hillary is too “smart” and too lacking in conscience to make these sorts of errors of honesty.

I think the story is that Obama’s words have some legs because they expose the old story of the Left’s condescension towards, and sense of superiority in relation to, regular folks. Rush has always contended that the Left refuses to run on their real beliefs, and I think that is true. Truth is, the hard working folks of America are doing fine as long as they live within their means. They have many concerns and interests beyond their bank accounts and whatever freebies they could be entitled to.

And Americans are not babies: they neither long for a government mommy nor do they take politicans’ promises or pandering seriously. They are used to government taking their earnings and offering little in return. Mostly, they want the nanny government to leave them the heck alone. They are, in fact, thinking, responsible, hard-working adults. I know lots of “them,” including myself.

As Mark Levin always says (approx.), “If things are as terrible and hopeless in America as Hillary and Obama say they are, then how come every ambitious and freedom-seeking person in the world wants to come here to pursue their dreams?”

Obama’s political problem is that he is not enough of an impostor to fool the savvy American middle class.

One Feedback on "Why Was Obama’s “Bitter” Comment So Significant?"

Rod Donovan

Yeah, Barrack! Go man go! Don’t let the fools keep you from saying the truth. Don’t tell them what they want to hear.
Tell them what they need to hear. After all, the truth will set you free. Got that slaves?!


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