12 May 2008

Ominous Parallels

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Susan Estrich reads some of the handwriting on the democrat party’s wall, then tries to be optimistic anyway.

It is a thought that sends shivers down the backs of Democrats, a name that brings to mind memories of an election lost that might have been won, against a war hero once referred to in headlines as a “wimp” who won not so much by his own strengths but because of the skill of his operatives in painting his lesser-known opponent as an out of touch “liberal” who refused to salute the flag or admit his mistakes, not to mention his supposedly unpatriotic wife.

Could Obama be another Dukakis?

It isn’t just die-hard Clinton supporters who are pointing out the similarities. Even some Obama backers who believe that the nomination fight is over see the possible parallels, and are determined to avoid them, or at least try.

One Feedback on "Ominous Parallels"

Scott D

Ms. Estrich says:

There is no question that the Republicans will try to do to Obama what they did to Dukakis: paint him as a liberal, out of touch with the values of average (white) Americans, so far left that he has left America.

Uh, and the Democrats will “try” to paint McCain as old?

In another time, I’d be confident that the Obama candidacy, like that of Dukakis, would be doomed by its own recognition. But we have increasingly become a nation of wimps and whining dependents, and Obama couldn’t be a better candidate for that crowd. Oprah loves him.


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