16 May 2008

Nike Introduces Riding Boot

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For the 2008 Beijing Olympics, Nike, Portland, Oregon manufacturer better known for more demotic athletic footwear, has introduced the Nike Ippeas, an up-dated take on the traditional riding boot.

Press release quoted by Sneaker Freaker:

Nike Ippeas (Greek for “Rider”) should be: “Hippeas” -DZ
Sport: Equestrian

Equestrian footwear has not changed much in the last century. The sport is steeped in traditional English heritage where leather boots, wood soles, and hard-pressed leather outsoles have been standard issue for horseback riding since the 1800s. Nike designers wanted to bring new innovation to that paradigm while still respecting the institution of the sport. For Beijing, Nike’s Equestrian footwear reflects the best elements of the sport’s deep traditions, but is elevated by innovative design and unique performance features. Again, designers started with the athlete. After listening to insights and ideas from top equestrian athletes, several rounds of prototypes were produced and improved with each effort. The final creation was the Nike Ippeas, a beautiful leather and synthetic boot that provides protection, support, traction, traditional aesthetic, and horse control in a total package that also reduces weight by eliminating the need for strap-on spurs.

Nike developed many innovations for the Nike Ippeas, including rubber pads for the outsoles of the boots to improve stirrup traction, an adjustable titanium screw-in spur system (inspired by track spikes) that eliminates the need for additional hardware on the ankles, and a full-length engineered zipper for easy on-and-off. Perhaps the most revolutionary development is the most subtle: a thin, high-abrasion synthetic rubber material on the medial side of the boot that delivers improved grip on the horse and saddle, which gives the rider better communication with the animal and increased stability during demanding jumps.

Key Features:

Crafted footwear that marries innovation with the classic silhouette a riding boot
Rubber outsole pads to improve traction on stirrups
Asymmetrical zipper for comfortable on-and-off
Track and field-inspired screw mount spurs (three possible positions)
Full length Zoom Air cushioning for underfoot comfort
High-abrasion synthetic rubber on medial boot for control and communication

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WOW! When will this boot be available to the public! It is brilliant!!

Clara Brainard

I, as a horse rider, don’t like the idea that Nike has come up with a riding for horse riders. All us riders all ready have our favorite riding boot brands such as Ariat, which most horse riders wear any ways. Also I do not think that the boot is nice and sofisticated enough to be used in the Hunter, Equitation and Dressage show rings. I don’t think that enough horse riders will buy the boot for it to be sucesful in the riding world.


Kind of garish, I thought. But still somewhat interesting.


Love them, but I think the red Nike Swoosh and red accent stripe will be the boot’s downfall. Riders are supposed to look classy, well tailored, and traditional. A small Swoosh on the inside heel would be more appropriate for hunter and equitation riders. Good for Nike for supporting our sport; I’d love to see some paddock boots and half chaps!

fernando Gomez-Prada

Hello Sir,

would you please let me know where and when can I buy this new boots?

Are they avalible for men?


Well, they look like they might be lightweight & comfortable for practice but they probably won’t fly in a competition ring due to the Brand Logo but I’m guessing they might find their way in X Country Eventing. More sensitivity of communication to the horse is a great idea but wonder the safety of easy release from a stirrup during a fall due to the rubber foot. Also hope they are going to offer an assortment of screw mount spurs as those are a bit Blade Runner weapon like! My horses really don’t require such a direct contact point such as the ones featured. So I love the tops w/zipper making boot removal much easier but the shoe itself looks a bit Selby Old Lady rain boot with that curved heel – not very sexy at all. Personally, I’ve aesthetically disliked the strange evolution of sneakers over the years that lack grace and offer flattering attributes. I would hate to see the basic boot that’s been tried and true for centuries be replaced with costume like footwear found on characters in a Sci Fi movie. I’m just a traditionalist I guess. Hope Ariat is able to design something in the middle. Keep the shoe boot style and put the change in the uppers. Or maybe it’s the fact that NIKE designed these for the Beijing Comps where due to the air pollution alone that exists there – I’d never put my horses thru it and for political purposes, decline any Invitation from such a country that embodies not an ounce of integrity & class that our Olympic Equestrian Team deserves.

Sally Eckhoff

Do the swoosh in black embroidery instead of red. Nike will never drop it, but you guys are correct, it’s too obtrusive. And the spur is way too big. Otherwise, send me a pair! Riding apparel lost its sexy swagger in the nineteen-sixties when the long, single-vented, nipped-in jacket disappeared. Anybody remember breeches with pegs? Now, those conveyed elegance.
I wouldn’t send my horse to polluted Beijing, either, by the way.


Remarkable adaptation! As usual Nike is a front runner (no pun intended). I love the premise and it is time for something new. As far as the arguments of traditionalists, I see your point, but then in my day, we couldn’t wear bling belts or colored show shirts under our woolen (gasp) jackets.

Kim Tau

Personally I have been quite surprised that it took so long for the sport to modernize itself in terms of fashion. We have gotten quite modern in technical aspects of the sport with our tack and aids but really left the rest to some designer at TS or Ariat etc. I really like what is happening with the Tropical Rider line though. i think they are working toward the modernization while sticking with traditionally expected quality of the garmets. I also heard that Adidas is coming our with a new boot. I think that there will be quite a choice in riding boots and barn boots in the future just as the sneaker sport world has had the luxury of. I too am not a big fan of some of the loudness of them so a subtle, smartly styled boot thinking to a riders needs is a welcome invention. Nike will start modifying this to the experts/professionals preferences I bet.
Lets just hope we keep them black or brown? LOL


love them! how do i go about ordering a pair?

Marissa Hess

Love them! I hope they are as comfy as my tennis shoes. I love my Ariat’s, but the break in time is killing my feat!! The NIKE symbol should be in black so it blends….Although I’m not against red. I think diff color symbols might be popular in the eventing world. Not sure about the spur. Love the idea, but can you remove them if you don’t need them ? What is the break in period on them ? When will they be made for the public ? Great idea! Keep it up!!


Can you please let me know where the Nike riding boot is for sale, and how much they are?


I called Nike and asked. They don’t have a release date yet for public availability, but apparently some riders will be wearing them at the Olympics.

Nancy Jensen-Brown

Have a saddle shop and would like to know how to order them for the shop.


Love them! when are they going to be for sale?!?!?!?! they would look so cool with red polo wraps! nike should make more horse tack!

Toni Webb

I am thrilled that a world-class company like Nike is interested in equestrian apparel! Maybe this will finally put horse show events on TV like other sports! There is a widely believed misconception that horses, and horse sports, are only enjoyed by rich snobs, but the truth is horse activities are no snobbier than tennis or golf! All little girls (and a lot of boys, too!) love horses, and most riders, including show riders, are middle class people. And, a huge proportion of them are middle aged women!! The boot design will evolve, I am sure, to fit the traditions of equestrian sports. English boots (as opposed to cowboy boots) are not supposed to be ostentatious or flashy, just very elegant and functional. Comfort will be a very welcome addition!! Thanks, Nike, for advancing the cause!

Christi Meek

I am a proffessional trainer and rider 6 days a week and I am so excited to see Ariat get some quality competition. My Ariats only last a year, no matter which brand I purchase and how often I clean them. I will be the first in line to purchase these boots! Bravo!!!!!!!


I like them. I like the idea of cush in a riding boot, as I have bad knees. I think the style will take some getting used to for hunter or dressage riders, but for schoolinb, Jumpers or cross country I say yes to them 100%.

Not sure I like the heel style, that could be modified to look like a regular heel.

The spur idea is cool too.


I could see myself wearing these for practice but never in a show ring. The red swoosh is too much and the rubber heal is cheap looking.
I like the zipper going around the calf, I’m betting they are easy to get in and out of.
But, are they going to make them in a variety of calf widths?

cristine harding

SO cool – i want some!!!! i ride and love riding gear, but sometimes you want to wear something fresh. this is totally hot.

cristina victoria harding

SO cool – i want some!!! I ride too but always like to look good and sometimes you want to wear something fresh. This is totally hot.


The Nike boot is NOT sold in the United States, but I recently found an even better high performance riding boot.

Its called the Tretorn performance boot. The website is http://www.equifit.net

Not only are these boots the next big thing in riding, they are stylish too…


their awsome but im mad couse i cant figur out how to buy them i wannnntttt them


Nike. Get real. You haven’t “innovated” or “introduced” ANYTHING. Instead it looks more like you ruined the riding boot (or at least made it garish). There are so many problems with the design I don’t even know where to begin, but the baseline is that this is NOT a marketable product. Did you guys looks at a modern riding boot before putting up the description. It sounds like the only riding boot the people at nike have ever seen is a REALLY old one in a museum. Go check out some Ariats.
1) we already have rubber soles.( Who the hell uses wood?!)
2) strap on spurs are NOT heavy and that screw on thing just looks annoying.
3)the zipper looks REALLY uncomfortable. Our ankles need to move you know.( I really like the look of the zipper but it’s just not useful.)
4) The logo and zipper position would get you disqualified from a LOT of shows.
5) the heel looks god awful.
The only thing I like is the flexible fabric on the inside of the boot because it looks stretchy and comfy as well as useful.


Love, love, love them! I want a pair. Are they for sale in the U.S. yet? How much and where can I buy them. They look incredibly comfortable and I love the little red splash logo thingy! They will match my Mtn. Horse stirrups!! :)


I saw the Equifit boots during the Hampton Classic Horse Show in August. They are very cool looking, but the best part is that they should be very comfortable for riding because they are so light and the sole is flexible like a sneaker’s.

Hillary Dobbs was eyeing them, and she is an amazing equestrian. She won the $200,000 FTI Grand Prix on Sunday at the Hampton Classic.

Kara S.

I absolutely love these new boots! I saw them in a magazine (ten things I love (Beezie Madden), Equestrian magazine October 2008) I think they are awesome and give a new (and much needed) style change. Ariat just released their new boot, and I love it, we just need something new to spice up our attire. As an A rated hunter rider that shows in Wellington, FL, I can tell they are going to be a great trend! The only change I would make is the Red detail, I would change that to black, and let people pick custom colors (for the jumper ring) Love the screw in spur detail too! Cant wait till’ they go on the shelves, and I can get my pair!!!!

valeria aguilar

I would like to buy nike equestrian boots
but I have no idea where to get them
I hope you can help me
I appreciate your attention

shannon & tori

We love these boots… but we can’t find a price or where to get them. Can you help us please?


Nike had not released them for sale the last time I asked. They just gave some to riders in the Olympics.

You could show Dehner or Vogel a picture and ask them to copy the design minus the swoosh, of course.


As a proffessional horseman, I am wondering if these new boots are available for purchase/trial yet.


Oh my. As a fellow horseback rider and owner of a horse that runs when you kick, the built-in-spur isn’t a great idea. If children bought some of those and got on a sensative horse then kicked, they’d be on the ground that first second. It’s not a great idea. Also, they don’t look very apealing. To modern.


Ok, the boots may not look the same way we are all use to such as the vogel boots or der dau and all of the other top brands. But who can afford to ware those type of boots out on a day to day basis? I am sure the spur is an easy fix they would not be so stupid to make it that big on all of there boots.. If it is removable then take it off and use your old spurs. If the boots are nice to ride in then we have room to tell them what color they need to do and all of that. THINK ITS NIKE they can do what they want. Dont scare one of the biggest companies in the world away from our sport. WE need them, not the other way around.


hola, me encantan, quiero saber donde las puedo comprar gracias


where can I buy a pair? like ’em ALOT


Nike made them available to some Olympic competitors, but, as far as I know, never actually offered them for sale in the USA.


These boots look ridiculous. Nike needs to get real. They could seriously do the riding world a favor, but these boots make a mockery of riders who are looking for a functional product. Screw-in spurs save weight — my ass. Not a concern. How about fit? How about making an affordable boot that fits like custom. Fit, fit, fit. That is what makes a boot.


This boot is what we were all waiting for.

No more paddock boots, half chaps, and strap on spurs for everyday practice. Only one item to clean. More time for riding. I can’t wait to buy a pair.


To be honest, these are quite unattractive. I think that the equestrian world is quite happy with their classy, sleek, custom boots. The spur is also too abrupt, my horses would not tolerate that. The spur part of the boot could have used more research. This boot is a good start though!


I would never in a million years wear these boots, what is classy about them? Nothing. The spur alone is painfully long, and the boots themselves in my honest opinion are hideous.

As a rider, I have more important things to worry about when I’m jumping than the weight of my spurs, the plastic crap on the heel of the “boot” looks like it would split in half with one good kick.

Maybe they would look better as field boots, but please, oh please Nike, DON’T go back to the drawing board. Just scrap the entire idea.


I basically agree with you, but this posting attracted all sorts of interest, and a lot of readers posted in my comment section asking where they could buy them. Nike made them available to some Olympics riders, but subsequently (as far as I could ever learn) made no attempt to sell them.


Well i’ve got a pair and i live in Holland.
It’s perfect to ride with and verry nice in the stirup.
And getting allot of attention with them!

a no go

ridiculous and appalling. anyone else see the prospect of a rubber boot as disgusting? and what is all the ribbing around the heel itself? never mind the heel of the sole is a terrible shape. and a built-in spur? what in the name of heaven is that? the jumpers will take them up as they have no idea what is appropriate in a show ring and will want to look “cool”. is there a cell phone pocket?


These are beautiful boots! I have a new pair and would love to sell them…anyone interrested??? ladies size 7 1/2


Hi there Lisa, I would be interested to buy yours and also where to buy more of these?


I LOVE this boot. I think it’s fabulous that an athletic company is designing a riding boot. I can’t tell you how many riders don’t work out and consider riding a work out. Hate to say it, but it’s not a full work out. That’s why, until a rider also works out – at a gym – they won’t understand an athletic company delving into the Equestrian sport and that Ariat is not the end-all boot!

Go Nike!!!


First off, to all the haters, Nike in fact OWNS the majority of ARIAT as it is, so get over it. Second, nobody’s calling it an eq/hunter/dressage boot. It’s quite clearly intended for jumpers. Nike may be just wading into the equine industry with the “swoosh” brand, but they’re a company with a global reputation to defend. They wouldn’t go there without extensive engineering and aesthetic research.
Having been a competitive jumper (level 6+ and greenies, I’m no newbie) AND a hunter if I really have to (too stuck up and boring), I am super stoked on these.
I agree the spur thing is a little much, but once I get my feet in these I plan on just using traditional ones. It’s called an OPTION. AND, I have custom Sergios that zip just like that and it’s quite phenomenal. If you’re bothered by it you’re not flexing your ankle properly or at the right angle.

All you eq and hunter riders complaining about regulations need to get your heads outta your sterling asses and realize that its the 21st century and not everything is intended just for you anymore!

End rant. Keep it up Nike!!


Also, “Danielle” who posted before me is brilliant. ALL RIDERS should be in the gym!!

..NOW end rant. ;)


Por favor, gostaria de saber se é comerializada no Brasil e, se nao é, onde posso adquirir em New York NIKE EQUESTRIAN BOOT. Obrigado.


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