09 Jul 2008

Obama Embarrased by Monolingual Americans

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That political genius Barack Obama tells a Georgia crowd that they should be teaching their kids to speak Spanish, instead of worrying about immigrants learning English. And he then explains how embarrassing it is to people like himself to live among all those dumbass Americans who don’t speak lots of languages like the sophisticated Europeans do.

B. Hussein says:

Understand this: instead of worrying about whether immigrants can learn English –they’ll learn English!– you need to make sure that your child can speak Spanish. You should be thinking about how can your child become bilingual. We should have every child speaking more than one language. Yo! It’s embarrassing… it’s embarrassing when… when… uh, Europeans come over here. they all speak English. They speak French. They speak German. And then we go over to Europe, and… and all we’s can say is “Merci beaucoup.”

1:46 video

Oh yes, this one will win lots of support from those bitter gun-owners and church-goers in the Heartland, alright.

I bet they’re pulling out their hair at Obama campaign headquarters.

Unless he’s completely rested and prepared and working off a script on a teleprompter, Barack Obama is every bit as much of a disaster as Michelle.

Yes, learning languages is a good thing, but we have plenty of language education available in America right now. People like B Hussein Obama, who attended exclusive preparatory schools and Harvard, and who jet off regularly to Barcelona, Paris, and Gstaad, do almost invariably speak some other languages.

Ordinary, working class Americans (surprise, surprise!) actually commonly cannot afford European vacations, and have a whole lot less use than Europeans, who live next door to countries speaking them, do for foreign languages. If France was right across the Missouri River from Iowa, I expect most people in Sioux City would know how to read a menu in French. Spanish biligualism is actually pretty common right now in the US of A around the Mexican border.

The issue that bugs people is the way the system bends over backwards to accomodate foreign languages like Spanish, discouraging assimilation and inconveniencing ordinary Americans. When I use the ATM machine at the local supermarket, I have to choose a language before I can transact my business. The burden ought to go the other way. The immigrant ought to have to figure out how to deal with English language ATM machines. The inconvenience is minor, it’s true, but the symbolism is annoying. One feels that the normal American’s English language has been demoted from its formerly established position to the status of just another of the tongues of Babel.

Obama has yet again given a very effective demonstration of his elite perspective and his contempt for, and inability to understand or sympathize with, the lives of ordinary Americans.

One Feedback on "Obama Embarrased by Monolingual Americans"

Brian Schermerhorn

hey JDZ,

I think you had some really good points. I am actually a college student and am writing an essay about implementing language immersion programs into elementary schools.

I really thought your point about Europeans knowing multiple languages for the reason that they all live next to each other was great. I didn’t think of that. I think that a better point Obama could have made was that yes, immigrants that want to will learn English. The ones that don’t, can’t be forced. I think Obama could have mentioned that Americans don’t need to learn English to survive at this moment. Our kids, however, in most locations will be able to use Spanish and possibly may need to. Businesses know that a lot of spanish speaking customers wont learn English. Do you expect them to put it in English to reinforce the fact that “YES SPANISH SPEAKER, LEARN ENGLISH, IT’S AMERICA”? The fact is, your children will benefit from learning Spanish whether or not the immigrants learn English. I think that’s the point he should be making.


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