05 Aug 2008

An American Carol (2008)

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Stephen Hayes reports that David Zucker has in production a satirical new film, titled An American Carol, a comedy whose humor comes at the expense of the anti-American Hollywood left.

An American Carol is based loosely–very loosely–on A Christmas Carol by Charles Dickens. …

The holiday in An American Carol is not Christmas and the antagonist is not Ebenezer Scrooge. Instead, the film follows the exploits of a slovenly, anti-American filmmaker named Michael Malone (played by Kevin Farley), who has joined with a left-wing activist group (Moovealong.org) to ban the Fourth of July. Along the way, Malone is visited by the ghosts of three American heroes–George Washington, George S. Patton, and John F. Kennedy–who try to convince him he’s got it all wrong. When terrorists from Afghanistan realize that they need to recruit more operatives to make up for the ever-diminishing supply of suicide bombers, they begin a search for just the right person to help produce a new propaganda video. “This will not be hard to find in Hollywood,” says one. “They all hate America.” When they settle on Malone, who is in need of work after his last film (Die You American Pigs) bombed at the box office, he unwittingly helps them with their plans to launch another attack on American soil.

The entire film is an extended rebuttal to the vacuous antiwar slogan that “War Is Not the Answer.” Zucker’s response, in effect: “It Depends on the Question.” …

Jon Voight plays George Washington. Dennis Hopper makes an appearance as a judge who defends his courthouse by gunning down ACLU lawyers trying to take down the Ten Commandments. James Woods plays Michael Malone’s agent. And Kelsey Grammer plays General George S. Patton, Malone’s guide to American history and the mouthpiece of the film’s writers.

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C. S. Mellons

I can’t wait to see this film. Finally Hollyweird will be getting a dose of its own medicine. But it will be amazing to see how quickly this film will be shot down by left wing movie critics. I hope it’s a blockbuster. And I think it will be. Thanks Mr. Zucker, Mr. Nielson, Mr. Grammer, and everyone involved. I’m not a regular moviegoer (who wants to donate to the Democratic party?) but I will be gladly paying to see this one!


I can’t wait

Jersey Jay

“I’m not a regular moviegoer (who wants to donate to the Democratic party?) but I will be gladly paying to see this one!”

Conservatives – so afraid of unfiltered information and entertainment that, due to the liberal bias of reality, doesn’t reinforce their worldview.

Neo Con in New York

Lefty critics are putting out bad reviews far and wide already for this, after what, a two minute trailer. They are so thin skinned that they cannot take on a little poke in the eye from a slapstick comedy — someone needs to wake up Hollywood, they are so far outside of the mainstream of the country that it’s become wearying for many moviegoers.

Just to help liberals get where I’m coming from – How would you guys react if there were no left leaning films and all conservative ones? This makes a welcome change, I think. I’m sick and tired of being fed a steady diet of liberal tripe by Hollywood year after year.

It’s about time we see a movie satirizing the left (God knows we have seen innumerable satires of the right without critics raising an eyebrow, not to mention the more serious left wing attack films. This is simply what we have become accustomed to).

David Zucker is a brave man, as he has stated in interviews, he is staking his career on this. I hope his gamble pays off – and the only way we can make it pay off is by going to see this movie. I for one, can’t wait. It isn’t just for a good laugh, but for a good cause.


As a liberal, i am not offended by Zucker poking fun at those who lean to the left and michael moore but more so offended as a fan of comedy. This trailer is simply not funny and i have a strange feeling the movie will follow suit.

Once the bad reviews pile in, people will complain about a liberal bias when it is just poor content. I’m really not sure what Zucker is thinking.

I’d hate to say this because i know it must not be true but maybe conservatives just aren’t funny?

Rip Ragged


I like your site. I mostly resent the implication that one must be conservative or liberal, but that’s the world we live in. I’m neither. I evaluate situations one at a time based on the facts at hand. I’m despised equally by those who have applied both labels to themselves. I suppose I’m a libertarian, but they annoy me, too.

Anyway, it looks like a fun place to hang out. I’m going to add you to my blogroll.

Happy 24,


Not much going on.

[…] David Zincavage runs a site called Never Yet Melted. Nice site. I went there because he has a write up about An American Carol. It looks like it will be a good movie. Then I read a few more posts. I like opinions that are […]


god and history denying zombies on the far left,will trash anything that entails an individualistic and/or honorable obligation to rules of conduct which demands obedience to those rules of god or the good constitution,which was always in the forefront of thought in the preperation of that document.god bless those whomsoever, that illuminate some of the insanities of those (sad angry fools)..live well zucker…..tony


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