07 Aug 2008

2008 Olympics Equestrian Events US TV Schedule


Date: Program–Time (EST) on Channel

Aug. 9: 3-Day: Dressage–2:00 a.m.-2:00 p.m. on USA
Aug. 11: 3-Day: Cross- Country–6:00pm-8:00pm OXYGEN
Aug. 12: 3-Day: Stadium Team Gold Medal Final–6:00 p.m.-8:00 p.m. on OXYGEN
Aug. 13: Dressage–6:00 p.m.-8:00 p.m. on OXYGEN
Aug. 14: Dressage Team Gold Medal Final–6:00 p.m.-8:00 p.m. on OXYGEN
Aug. 15: Show Jumping–6:00 p.m.-8:00 p.m. on OXYGEN
Aug. 16: Dressage Individual–5:00 a.m.-5:00 p.m. MSNBC
Aug. 17: Show Jumping Team Gold Medal Final 1st Round–10:00 a.m.-6:00 p.m on NBC
Aug. 18: Show Jumping Team Gold Medal Final Round–6:00pm-8:00 p.m. OXYGEN
Aug. 19: Dressage Individual Gold Medal Final–6:00 p.m.-8:00 p.m. on OXYGEN
Aug. 21: Show Jumping Individual Gold Medal Final–10:00am-1:00 pm on NBC

33 Feedbacks on "2008 Olympics Equestrian Events US TV Schedule"

Carrie M

Awesome – thanks for posting this!


Love that they are airing the equestrian events more and more as the years go by. Too bad its not all aired on basic cable.

One step at a time, right?




Do you have a tv schedule for the coverage in Canada? We don’t get all USA channels.




Thanks for posting. Now I can DVR it and not miss anything. Thanks again!


I too am glad to have more equestrian events aired! Except for the occasional racing event, it seems the networks only air sporting events that contain wheels or a ball.


Awesome! I love horses and I think more people should watch the equestrian events on tv to learn more about sports with horses.


Well, I’m sitting here on 8/9 @ 7:36 a.m. and watching USA VOLLEYBALL! Where is the dressage!!???


Can’t help with Canada, sorry.

All we can do is tape many hours of Olympic coverage and fast forward to the Dressage later apparently, it seems.


Thank you for posting the equestrian times and channels.

marilyn Sheidler

I am so happy that you are airing all the
equestrian events. For all us horse lovers,
a great big thanks.


are any of the equestrian olimpics going to be aired on channel 16? If so what are the times? I am a MAJOR horse fan but i do not have the oxygen channel :( and im REALLY looking forward to watching them.


More NBC coverage of equestrian events….PLEASE (especially dressage) because the public needs to realize how athletic the riders and horses are and how difficult it is to achieve that level.


Wow!! Thrilled that you are carrying so much coverage of the equestrian events!!!
Look forward to watching a lot. Thanks, it is about time….


Do you have any air time for the reining competion? Is there rening horses and riders competing in this olympics?


thank you for helping me trot along


Thanks so much for finding and posting this information!



Rachel McClure

It is truly disgusting that so few U.S. mainstream networks are featuring anything on these events. I don’t even know what the network Oxygen is, but at this point, I need some! All the work, training, cost, heartbreak (always in the horse world), and there is barely a thing to watch on this most beautiful event.
Rachel McClure


Anyone know what time the events are on if you are in Mountain time? (Denver) Is it two hours earlier than EDT?




So pleased you are airing the equestrian events! I have sent the Oxygen schedule to all of my equestrian friends around the country… and will have my local horsey friends over for “dinner and Oxygen” to watch the dressage competition.
Bravo Oxygen!
With gratitude,


Thanks for the listings. Its hard to find any info on the events. I agree with everyone that it should be on a basic cable station, not premimum stations. But I will take anything at this point. Our riders need our support too!


what are the times in Kansas? and what channel?
i have only regular cable


It’s too bad that NBC & MSNBC don’t seem to realize how exciting Cross Country and Show Jumping can be. They are airing the only the bare minimum. I am another person who doesn’t have OXYGEN included in my cable subscription. At least they, however, are covering the events.


I am very disappointed!! I haven’t been able to find anything according to your schedule. I have Oxygen and USA and I haven’t seen anything at the times listed…this needs to be as important as swimming, gymnastics, ball games etc. Get with it network systems! People want to SEE this!!! Help me find some please???


Margaret tajc

Since I don’t get Oxygen, I have not been able to see ANY equestrian events. Even when the schedule indicates such on USA, MSNBC or NBC, I end up watching something stupid like beach volleyball or synchronized diving… Give us horselovers a break, please.

Susan Hudson

I am very disappointed in the coverage of the Equestrian Events…All I can see on NBC is Beach Volleyball or Running…The Equestrian coverage is the most exciting, by far…The swimming and gymnastics have been good, but too much…just over and over…
Thank you,
Susan Hudson

Diane Sugar

What happened to the equestrian events scheduled on NBC today (Sunday, Aug. 17) from 10am-6pm? That is the reason I went to this website in the first place. Does this mean the jumping finals scheduled on OXY tomorrow from 6pm-8pm will also not be shown? What gives?


I found times for these events on NBC Olympic schedules-most all of the equestrian events are listed as starting at 7:15 am—! Good luck with it-I will try tomorrow morning to see if they are really there. My daughter and I found a couple of the events on YOUTUBE that visitors taped while they were there. Check these out. Have a great day!


thank you to oxygen for showing olympic equestrian events. it was hard to find, but i am so happy to be able to watch the sport at this level. in addition to being beautiful, intense and perilous, it is also the only event where men and women compete equally. for some reason, that seems important to me. ride on!


I find it ridiculous that there isn’t even one second of Equestrian coverage in primetime!..I understand that the swimming, track and gymnastics are huge ratings drivers for NBC but could we at least see the winning Cross country, dressage or show jumping round.?.that HAS to be more exciting than diving, volleyball and basketball that you can pretty much catch anytime on any other channel throughout the year…thankfully, Oxygen was willing to interrupt their schedule to air…but many people as you can see by this post aren’t subscribers..also …not sure about these times..they have been hit and miss…..give these animals and their riders the attention they deserve…they are AMAZING athletes !


Thank you so much to Oxygen for covering equestrian events. More coverage than the last 30 years combined on network TV. The team jumping was fantastic, with the jump off for the gold. You covered all of it! I watched the Today show on NBC, never even mentioned the USA gold and the exciting jumpoff with Canada.


How disappointing Oxygen aired so little of the freestyle dressage event. We saw the top two competitors and parts of the two American riders. There were many other riders I would have enjoyed viewing. Try harder next Olympics.


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