14 Aug 2008

California Group Claims to Have Bigfoot

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Looks like a gorilla mask, a buffalo rug, and a bear paw to me

Searching for Bigfoot, Inc. of Redwood City, California announced the alleged recent discovery of a deceased male Bigfoot in the woods of northern Georgia by a Clayton County police officer named Matthew Whitton and a friend, Rick Dyer. Robert Barrows, a Burlingame, California publicist, and Tom Biscardi, Las Vegas promoter and long-time Bigfoot “researcher,” made the announcement and claim to have seen the body personally.

DNA and photographic evidence are promised to be presented at a press conference to be held Friday, August 15, 2008, at noon at the Cabana Hotel-Palo Alto, 4290 El Camino Real, Palo Alto, California 94306.

KTVU.com story

Searching for Bigfoot, Inc.’s announcement says:

A body that may very well be the body of the creature commonly known as “Bigfoot” has been found in the woods in northern Georgia.

DNA evidence and photo evidence of the creature will be presented in a press conference on Friday, August 15th from 12 Noon to 1:00pm at the Cabana Hotel-Palo Alto at 4290 El Camino Real in Palo Alto, California, 94306. The press conference will not be open to the public. It will only be open to credentialed members of the press.

Here are some of the vital statistics on the “Bigfoot” body:

The creature is seven feet seven inches tall.

It weighs over five hundred pounds.

The creature looks like it is part human and part ape-like.

It is male.

It has reddish hair and blackish-grey eyes.

It has two arms and two legs, and five fingers on each hand and five toes on each foot.

The feet are flat and similar to human feet.

Its footprint is sixteen and three-quarters inches long and five and three-quarters inches wide at the heel.

From the palm of the hand to the tip of the middle finger, its hands are eleven and three-quarters inches long and six and one-quarter inches wide.

The creatures walk upright. (Several of them were sighted on the same day that the body was found.)

The teeth are more human-like than ape-like.

DNA tests are currently being done and the current DNA and photo evidence will be presented at the press conference on Friday, August 15th.

Alas! the publicity scheme worked only too well. Searching for Bigfoot’s web-site quickly exceeded its bandwidth limit. You can see the original press release in the Google cache, or go to the Inquisitr, who managed to get a copy via Cryptomundo (whose site is also swamped by traffic and unresponsive).

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k allred

I think the picture is a fake but the story is convincing.I guess we will soon find out the truth.


Bigfoot eh? Check out these videos. The first video is of Biscardi talking about “the find” on FOX News of course.



You just gotta see this:

Whitton and Dyer’s business, Bigfoot Global LLC, might really be nothing more than a tow truck company in Georgia.

media kingdom

i’m still trying to figure out if “Sasquatch” is Bigfoot’s name, or if that’s the name of his species


So here it is March 2010 and????? haven’t heard didley squat about any confirming evidence of bigfoot being real.

Jesus Christ

The creature that Roger Patterson and Bob Gimlin filmed in 1967 was real. It was a human-primate hybrid. Half man and half gorilla. A man made creature that was created several thousand years ago by men who were slaves that ran off and ended up in Africa. They used ropes to catch female gorillas and had sex with them. They created Bigfoot and eventually the Africans. Man created his own evolution.

Jesus Christ

“Bigfoot Is Real”

Jesus Christ

“Bigfoot Is Real”
:comment # 4:

Jesus Christ


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