15 Aug 2008

Olympics of Fraud

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The original Olympic Games were played by competitors representing a variety of Greek cities sharing a common civilization, culture, religion, and ethical perspectives. Having a lot more sense than modern Europeans and Americans, the Greeks did not invite barbarian nations to compete or to host games.

Barbarian participation in competition is a firmly established part of the modern day Olympics. But the contemporary Olympic committee ought to make a policy of refusing to allow the Olympic Games ever to be hosted by totalitarian or non-European countries, period.

The 1936 Nuremburg Olympics, long ago, demonstrated the unseemly manner in which the spectacle of Olympic competition could be appropriated to glorify a criminal regime and to legitimize in the eyes of the world its despicable ideology.

The 1988 Seoul Olympics featured flagrant cheating by host country judges on behalf of native athletes, and ought to have made clear the undesirable problems associated with trying to conduct fair competitions under the authority of representatives of non-European cultures where the rule of objective law is unknown and in which “face” is valued far above integrity.

Predictably enough, the Red Chinese Olympics are proving to be another carefully orchestrated pageant of deceptive spectacle glorifying the Chinese State and its authoritarian regime, and cheating in competition and judging is well underway.

Phony fireworks in opening ceremony broadcast.

The actual 7-year-old singer replaced with a more attractive lip-syncher mouthing to a recording.

56 Chinese minority ethnic groups falsely represented by 56 ordinary Chinese (Han) children.

China cheats, winning Olympic gold medals with underage gymnasts.

Jonathan Kay rants indignantly, too.

One Feedback on "Olympics of Fraud"


It’s interesting how in the new world of Web 2.0, governments can no longer cover up what really goes on because of the power of the individual and the internet. Here is a great article written by a PR writer that examines this issue. Enjoy! http://www.prwriterextraordinaire.com/blog.html


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