20 Aug 2008

Why Obama Cannot Win


J.R. Dunn, at America Thinker, identifies Obama’s fatal flaw.

Barack Obama will be defeated. Seriously and convincingly defeated. Not due to racism, not due to the forces of reaction, not even due to Karl Rove sending out mind rays over the national cable system. He will lose for one reason above all, one that has been overlooked in any analysis that I’ve yet seen. Barack Obama will lose because he is a flake.

I’m using the term in its generally accepted sense. A flake is not only a screwup, but someone who truly excels in making bizarre errors and creating incredibly convoluted disasters. A flake is a “fool with energy”, as the Russian proverb puts it. …

Here’s a young man who graduated from Columbia with high marks, with a choice of positions anywhere in the country. He comes from a state generally held to be a close match to Paradise. One, furthermore, that can be characterized as the most successful multiracial society in the world, with harmonious relations not only between whites and blacks, but also Japanese-Americans and native Hawaiians as well. To top it off, a state controlled in large part by a smoothly-functioning Democratic machine. So where does he choose to go?

To Chicago. One of the windiest, coldest, most brutal cities in the country. One that is also infinitely corrupt in a sense that Hawaii is not. One that remains one of the most racist large cities in the U.S. (Cicero, Al Capone’s old stomping grounds, a suburb that is effectively part of the city, is completely segregated to this day.) It would be nice to learn which of these aspects most attracted young Obama to the city. But if you’d asked at the beginning of the campaign, you’d still be waiting.

And what does he do when he reaches the city? Why, he joins a cult. Jeremiah Wright’s Trinity United Church has been turned inside out since the videotaped sermons appeared early this year, without anyone ever quite explaining exactly what Obama was thinking of when he joined up in the first place. Street cred, so it’s claimed. But there are a plethora of black churches that would have provided him that without the taint of demented racism that Wright’s church offered. …

Back at school, Obama got himself named editor of the Harvard Law Review. This is a signal achievement, no question about it. The kind of thing that would be mentioned about a person for the rest of his life, as has been the case with Obama. But then… he writes nothing for the journal.

Now, let’s get this straight: here we have one of the leading university law journals in the country, one widely cited and read. Entire careers in legal analysis and scholarship have been founded on appearances in the Review, including some that have led to the highest courts in the country. Yet here’s an individual who, as editor, could easily place his own work in the journal — standard practice, nothing at all wrong with it. But he fails to do so. And the explanation? There’s none that I’ve heard. We can go even farther than that, to say that there is no explanation that makes the least rational sense.

We follow Obama down to Springfield, where as a state legislator, he voted “present” over 120 times. What this means, as far as I’ve been able to discover, is that he voted “present” nearly as much as he voted “yes” or “no”. ..

We turn eagerly to learn what his term in the U.S. Senate will reveal, only to be disappointed. But it’s not surprising, really. After all, he was only there for 143 days.

And there lies one of the keys to Obama’s rise. David Brooks pointed out in a recent New York Times column that Obama spent too little time in any of his positions to make an impact one way or another. This is what saved him from the normal fate of the flake: he was never around long enough for his errors and strange behavior to catch up with him.

There’s more truth than poetry here, I suspect.

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Scott D

I have worked in business with several people like this. They get hired by an organization based on making a convincing sales pitch for themselves. Newly hired they have all sorts of half-baked ideas that are often quickly shot down by more experienced staff who analyze empirical results and say, “What the . . .?” Sometimes they ram through their ideas anyway. Then they leave for another organization before the results can actually catch up to them. They get jazzed by “brainstorming” and bored by analytics. If they keep moving fast enough they may have a decent career — for awhile.

kamana lonokapu

A ‘flake’!? That’s a whole lot better than that Republican president, George W. Bush, who’s a lier, a bully, a coward, a backstabber and a

Starting with Christopher Columbus, the whiteman have a long history of treachery, deceit, cowardice, violence and genocide!

I dare you to tell the full and true story of George Washington, slave owner. The whiteman has never told the truth about the founders of his treacherous nation.


So, kamana (if I may call you kamana), how are all those lovely black-run nations in Africa faring now that the colonials have turned over the reins? Somalia, Dafur, Ethiopia, even South Africa? Not doing so well are they? Is that why you’ve chosen to stay in the USA despite its abhorant past?

Oh and about your comment: “…the whiteman have a long history of treachery, deceit, cowardice, violence and genocide.” Please don’t forget who it was that started selling blacks to the whiteman in the first place. It was rival black tribes. Let us also not forget who it is that is killing and raping young blacks in the streets of US cities. Other young black men.

Man, talk about “treachery, deceit, cowardice, violence and genocide.”

Other than that your rant has absolutely nothing to do with the inexperience and vaporous trail of Barack Obama.

Smack a Doofus

Ethiopia was never a colony. Doofus!


Until Italy made it one in 20th century.


Let us not forget Detroit! Now a black run city. It is worse then war torn cities in iraq! history has taught us that blacks cannot run anything except to the ground. No this isn’t a hate speech, just facts based on past and current history. Sure there are some examples of good. But those 1% will not justify the whole. Since I do not live in the usa, and would like to see china takeover you people. OBAMA 08!


Looks like there’s an “American thinker” who’s got plenty of thinking to do now!!!


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