21 Aug 2008

No, He Can’t

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Barack Obama is campaigning on the slogan: Yes, We Can. But, as Thomas Lifson points out, in his role as head of the Annenberg educational foundation in Chicago, Obama had a chance to prove that he could effectuate change in a failing public school system by enfusing money into the system intelligently. He failed.

Barack Obama’s most important administrative leadership experience, helming an expensive educational reform effort in Chicago that failed to produce any measurable academic gains, according to the project’s own final report. …

The four plus years (1995-1999) Barack Obama spent as founding chairman of the board of the Chicago Annenberg Challenge (CAC) represent his track record as reformer, as someone who reached out in a public-private collaboration and had the audacity to believe his effort would make things better. At the time he became leader of this ambitious project to remake the public schools of Chicago, he was 33 years old and a third year associate at a small Chicago law firm, Davis, Miner, Barnhill & Galland.

This was a big test for him, his chance to cut his teeth on bringing hope and change to the mostly minority inner city school children trapped in Chicago schools. And he flopped big time, squandering lots of money and the time of many public employees in the process.

Meanwhile, so unsavory were Obama’s associations with extreme radicals (and former revolutionaries) Bill Ayers and Mike Klonsky that a cover-up, denying media access to Chicago Annenberg Challenge records has been making headlines.

Earlier “Ayers Connection” posting here.

The Chicago Tribune, the LA Times, The Swamp, and even the news-agency-not-to-be-named are all commenting sardonically on the over-up.

The wraps are going to come off. The beans are going to be spilled. What Thomas Lifson calls “the cloak of media invisibility” is beginning to lift.

One Feedback on "No, He Can’t"


I hope when BO names Kaine as VP NYM will be the first to point out their resemblance to Timon and Pumbaa! :)


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