23 Aug 2008

Obama Picks Biden

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What does this choice tell us?

Biden is the safe choice. Though always far too much of a lightweight to make an effective presidential candidate, it’s kind of like standing the average fellow next to the class wimp in the gym. When you contemplate Biden versus you-know-who, Biden suddenly seems like an impressive political figure with a long record of accomplishment and a statesman capable of bringing a major load of experience and depth to the ticket.

By current democrat party standards, Biden is a moderate, and he is on record criticizing the nutroots base’s extremism and urging democrats to run closer to the center.

Obama’s only real political record consists of a plethora of radical associations, so the choice of Biden has to be seen as a defensive move, representing a timid quiver of fright by an increasingly nervous deer (Obambi) trembling as the first rumbles of the avalanche which is going to bury him can be heard far off in the distance.

Personally, I don’t like Biden in the least.

He has always struck me as precisely what you’d get, if there was some magical process that could subtract the beer belly and florid nose from the old-time Irish saloon-keeper-cum-precinct-boss that would at the same time polish him up into a fashionable modern yuppie.

Biden is notorious for his hair implants. A typical photogenic democrat, he’s glib, shallow, and self-important, and he can be a vicious bully to representatives of the other party or judicial nominees.


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