23 Oct 2008

Me-Too Republicans Are Back

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Back in the days of Dwight Eisenhower, we had Me-Too Republicans who were simply too timid to challenge a conventional liberal orthodoxy for fear of being labeled radical. Tony Blankley finds today a new form of Me-Too Republican motivated by snobbery and misplaced loyalty to the community of fashion.

2 Feedbacks on "Me-Too Republicans Are Back"

Scott D

These people are the same sorts who used to say that Communism was an inevitable force and, after all, weren’t there some good things about it from which we could learn?
Statism — whether the iron-booted Communist variety or the American version wrapped in the rhetoric of good intentions — is inherently defective because it throttles the engine of personal responsibility and achievement and pretends that the weeds in the field can be tolerated without choking out the cash crops. It may be fashionable now to pretend and invigorating to believe that chants of “Yes We Can” will overcome human behavior that whispers back “No We Won’t — Unless We Have To”, but reality will eventually intrude in decidedly unfashionable ways. Praise from the liberal media is fleeting balm. Ask Scott McClellan how long it satisfies.

Dai Alanye

When evaluating the motives of Palin’s “conservative” critics we shouldn’t overlook plain envy. As in: Why should that un-intellectual nobody from nowhere be enjoying all the celebrity and popularity that should have fallen to my lot? Yes, me, with a brain the size of a planet.

They also gain the plaudits of the East Coast crowd, and manage to avoid what looks like the losing side. Should McCain win I imagine most of them will come a-slithering back.


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