26 Oct 2008

Mark Steyn Isn’t Going Turncoat

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One prominent New York-Washington Corridor Republican and conservative pundit after another has recently found some vital reason for climbing over the wall and surrendering to the democrats.

Mark Steyn isn’t planning to join them, but he recognizes the pressures.

Across the electric wires, the hum is ceaseless: Give it up, loser. Don’t go down with the ship when it’s swept away by the Obama tsunami. According to newspaper reports, polls show that most people believe newspaper reports claiming that most people believe polls showing that most people have read newspaper reports agreeing that polls show he’s going to win.

In the words of Publishers’ Clearing House, he may already have won! The battleground states have all turned blue, the reddest of red states are rapidly purpling. Don’t you know, little fool? You never can win. Use your mentality, wake up to reality. Why be the last right-wing pundit to sign up with Small-Government Conservatives For The Liberal Supermajority? We still need pages for the coronation, and there’s a pair of velvet knickerbockers with your name on it.

Yes, technically, this is still a two-party state, but one of the parties is like Elton John’s post-Oscar bash and the other is a church social in Wasilla.

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2 Feedbacks on "Mark Steyn Isn’t Going Turncoat"

Dai Alanye

Steyn is–as usual–completely on the ball, but I’d to mention one item he doesn’t consider. That is envy–primarily operative in the female anti-Palin mediatocracy.

Peggy Noonan, Katie Couric, Maureen Dowd and many others are almost certainly driven by resentment and envy that this Alaskan redneck has been elevated to nearly the highest position in the US, while they have never received the full degree of celebrity which they (in their own minds) so richly deserve.

How dare she become popular, be praised for her looks and accomplishments, even seemingly receive the love of a large segment of the public.

They have been squirreling away at their keyboards and tele-prompters for decades, spilling out volumes of pseudo-intellectual profundities and sprightly wit without half the adoration Sarah Palin received for merely appearing in her fancy glasses and making one rabble-rousing speech.

That hillbilly witch! It’s so unfair!

On the general subject of the media, the latest fuss concerns a Florida anchor having the temerity to treat Joe Biden, Lord of the Gaffe and associate of The Chosen One, as if he were Sarah Palin dealing with CBS. Fortunately he had brought along his best lying game, and was able to escape with the loss of only a few plugs. Still, it’s just so eee-vull! Didn’t this rube receive the script?

How’s it feel, Joe?

Dai Alanye

By all means add Kathleen Parker to the envious crew. She doesn’t even bother to hide her feelings well.

I’ve never considered her a serious political commentator, although I’ve read her at NRO on occasion. No more, of course, for I value both my time and intellect. If columnists can’t evaluate Palin (or any other politician) by her accomplishments–which are truly remarkable–of what use are they as a pundits?


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