09 Nov 2008

Pin-Fire Ring Pistol


Pictures of a curious pin-fire six-shot revolver made to be worn as a ring.

There is no written description, but the cartridge looks to be the size of a .22 short, or smaller. The hammer and trigger are easy to recognize. My guess is that the side lever is used to rotate the cylinder, and that the gun is single action, requiring the wearer to cock the hammer before firing.

I would guess that the recoil and close range muzzle blast would be no fun for the user. There is also the unnerving problem that one is wearing it concealed, the muzzles of those six cylinders are pointed inward at one’s own hand. The rounds are most likely pretty marginally potent. Still any gun is better than no good in an emergency, and this ingenious contraption has good concealment potential.

It looks better made than most “suicide specials,” and it is certainly a desirable collector’s item.

3 Feedbacks on "Pin-Fire Ring Pistol"

saurabh patil

I need more information

kim gordon

what is the price on this ring?


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