03 Mar 2009

Draft Limbaugh for 2012

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He’ll need to change the tie

The Obama Administration’s constant and ever-increasing attacks on Rush Limbaugh demonstrate perfectly clearly that, at this point in time, there is no more effective and articulate representative of Conservative political thought in America than the genial and talented radio talk show celebrity and that Rush is the single most effective source of opposition to the radical democrat agenda. Rush Limbaugh is the Republican leader that democrats most fear, and decidedly not Michael Steele.

Barack Obama has himself demonstrated in the most effective possible way the ability of the combination of eloquence and personal charm to substitute for a meaningful resume featuring either significant occupancy of, or achievement in, high office.

The conclusion is unmistakable. We should, at once, start grooming Rush Limbaugh as the next GOP presidential candidate. Limbaugh should run for a governorship or senate seat in 2010, and proceed, in precisely the way Barack Obama did, to let his newly acquired seat grow cobwebs, while he pursues higher office.

Running an inexperienced outsider candidate is bound to be something of a long shot, and Rush has a few vulnerabilities, but just compare Limbaugh’s essentially trivial prescription drug scandal with Barack Obama’s raft load of unsavory associations. The press will not treat Rush as clemently as they did the Kenyan Caliban, but Rush Limbaugh has a real genius for counter-framing an issue. Rush can defend himself.

Rush’s sometimes slightly transgressive sense of humor and his entertainer’s style represent admittedly a greater handicap. Americans want their politicians to provide a primary note of dignity and gravitas. But there is time still for Rush to strike a different tone, to present a modified version of himself. Besides, the continuing economic crisis and the practically assured foreign humiliations and debacles that the current administration will inevitably produce are bound to provoke a passionate desire for change on the part of the electorate so strong that any credible and effective GOP candidate will be starting out with a strong hand.

The White House is trying to link the GOP to Rush. Let’s really link them.

Never Yet Melted endorses Rush Limbaugh for President in 2012.

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Joe Six Pack

HA! I had no idea this was a humor site!


Yes, Rush Limbaugh for President!

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Wow maybe he’d run on a joint ticket with Coulter and the GOP could disapear up it’s own irrelevant rump.

T F Stern

Try this on for size, Maureen Dowd and Maxine Waters on the Dem ticket with Ann Coulter and Sarah Palin on the Rep ticket.

Wow, what a cat fight that would be…

Rush would never settle for stepping down from the EIB mike just to be president; why give up all that power to be the leader of a third world power…that’s what we’ll be by the time 2012 rolls around. The dollar won’t buy a piece of gum from the machine at the local barber shop the way things are going.


Please, please, please, Rush in 2012… that would be the end of the Republicans as we know them… a racist junkie candidate!

Steven Little

I’d really be happy if Rush Limbaugh was the republican candidate in 2012. He’s smart, a good communicator, charismatic, and speaks in a plain manner.

Also there’s no doubt that he’s a public figure or a true conservative.

I setup a website for his candidacy – DRAFTLimbaugh.com I invite everyone to post on it.


Can’t be done. He won’t debate anyone unless he has his hand on the volume control.

richard ables

Rush vs. Bobamma in a debate, Rush would destroy him.


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