14 Mar 2009

Russian General: Russian Strategic Bombers Offered Bases in Venezuela & Cuba

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So much for that “reset relations” button that Hillary delivered to the leaders of the Kremlin.

The Russians have an almost 50 year old tradition of testing democrat wimp presidents. John F. Kennedy conspicuously failed that test in 1962 when he abandoned the Monroe Doctrine, and traded US missiles in Turkey and a promise to leave Castro in place for Russian removal of missiles from Cuba and an ersatz public victory.

Now it very well may be Barack Obama’s turn.


A Russian general said on Saturday Venezuela has offered the use of its La Orchila island airfield for Russian strategic bombers on long-range flights.

Russia has been keen to build relations with a rival to the United States in the Western hemisphere in an effort to counter U.S. influence in formerly Communist countries in eastern Europe and central Asia.

“If certain political decisions are taken, it is possible (for Russian bombers to use the base),” Interfax news agency quoted the head of Russian strategic aviation general-major Anatoly Zhikharev as saying.

Zhikharev also said Russian bombers would be prepared to use four or five airfields on Cuba if the political leadership of the two countries allowed the use of Cuban bases.

Two Russian long-range bombers flew to Venezuela last year in a visit designed to show off Moscow’s military strength and build ties with a foe of the United States.

3 Feedbacks on "Russian General: Russian Strategic Bombers Offered Bases in Venezuela & Cuba"

J. Jackson

It’s called retaliation. Didn’t we (USA) aid to Georgia in warships in the Black Sea not too long ago? Also weren’t talking about building a missile defense system in Eastern Europe? We show our balls now they’re showing there’s. It just so happens that it’s during the “wimpy” democratic era. If I recall they also resumed long range bomber patrol in the West in 2007. Also Russian bombers landed in Venezuela last year. But I guess this stuff only happens during “wimpy” democratic presidencies…


“John F. Kennedy conspicuously failed that test in 1962 …”

If JFK wouldn’t “fail” that test then neither you nor I would exist.

Also, it was not 50 years of testing democrat presidents, it was 50 years of mutual testing. Russians were constantly “tested” and they were “testing” back

Bob W (the new Kowalsky)

Between the Chinese expanding their influence, Mexico’s descension into chaos, and now Russian Bombers potentially being stationed in Venezuela, we’ve really taken our eye off the ball in Latin America.


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