03 Apr 2009

George Washington Hits 33 1/3 RPM

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The President of the United States assumes a posture of submission to the Saudi King

Of course, why we should expect someone who has no understanding of the fundamental American idea of Liberty, no appreciation of the basic American values of independence and personal responsibility, no grasp of the benefits of a free economy to be acquainted with terribly old-fashioned notions about the United States’ status as a Republic and the correct protocols for presidential behavior toward foreign monarchs?

Bowing down to a backward barbarian despot is certainly not worse than bowing down to the political idols and chimeras at the center of leftism’s cultus of demagogic envy and statism. Still, real Americans everywhere are bound to wince in embarassment. The founding fathers are spinning in their graves.

3:36 video

One Feedback on "George Washington Hits 33 1/3 RPM"

David G. Georgia, USA

Isn’t it something Obama will bow before a Islamic King but not for a Christian Queen?
I find that telling and disturbing at the same time…..


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