13 Apr 2009

Nancy Pelosi Wants Guns Registered

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As the Washington Times explains, registration isn’t really about crime, it’s about future confiscation.

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi, California Democrat, announced last week that she wants to register guns. Her next move will be to try to confiscate them.

The speaker picked a television show with a viewership of 4.6 million to float the Democrats’ coming gun-control push. Questioned on ABC’s “Good Morning America” about the prospect of new gun-control laws now that “it’s a Democratic president, a Democratic House,” she responded, “We don’t want to take their guns away. We want them registered.”

Politicians and bureaucrats routinely claim that registration helps solve crimes. If a registered gun is used in a crime and left at the crime scene, registration supposedly lets the police trace the gun back to the criminal. Though this turn of events might work on fictional TV crime shows, it virtually never occurs in real life. Criminals’ guns are rarely left at crime scenes. When guns are left behind, it usually is because a crook has been seriously injured or killed and the police are poised to catch him anyway.

The few guns left at crime scenes rarely – if ever – are registered to the perpetrator. If they are registered at all, it is to someone else, whose piece was stolen. Despite what Mrs. Pelosi might think, those who use guns to commit major crimes such as robbing and killing are unlikely to respect her request to file paperwork so the government can catalog the tools of their trade.

Numerous examples disprove gun-control propaganda. Hawaii has had licensing and registration of guns for about 50 years. After all of the administrative expenses and inconvenience imposed on gun owners, police there cannot point to a single crime that has been solved as a result of those programs. Given Hawaii’s remote island geography, this should be an ideal place to keep track of guns because movement in and out of the state is limited and legal importation is controlled. If registration is going to work anywhere, it should work there. Unfortunately, criminals seem to be able to get their hands on guns virtually anyplace in the world.

Other jurisdictions with a history of strict handgun bans, such as the District of Columbia and Chicago, have even required registration of hunting rifles and shotguns for more than 20 years. Neither the District nor Chicago can point to any crimes that have been solved using registration records. …

Because registration doesn’t help solve crime, it is important to ask why government wants to register the people’s firearms. History provides the answer. In countries from Australia to England, registration has been used to create lists of guns that later were confiscated by their governments. Despite Mrs. Pelosi’s assurances to the contrary, Americans’ fear that registration will lead to confiscation is well-founded. Indeed, Mrs. Pelosi’s own state of California already has used existing registration lists to confiscate so-called assault weapons just a half-dozen years ago.

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T F Stern

This falls into the category, “Trust me, I’m from the government” which is on the same list as “the check is in the mail” and other yarns.

David G.

I have news for her and her ilk…Ms. Pelosi you just try it and you’ll see an up rising unlike anything seen on this continent in over 140 years…..

rob osborn

I have news for you dumbocrats. !!!! You will get mine when you pry my cold dead fingers from around the trigger guard and the stock!!! I’m not registering!!! It is my right as an American to keep a firearm!!! I will shoot jack booted thugs on sight who come for my firearms!!!!

Mike Spies

I am sure Nancy Pelosi thinks she is doing the right thing. She is a law maker… and when you have a hammer, everything gets to looking like a nail. So what you get to a problem – any problem – is a law intended to prove that something was done to ‘fix’ the problem.

Unfortunately, we are in the midst of a conflict that is propelled by cultural imperialism – the ‘new’ urban culture that is reflected in big government, bloated on power, unrestrained in it’s pursuit of its cultural mandate.


Registration is just one step toward eventual confiscation. Only a disarmed people can be enslaved, and I have no doubt that enslavement is their endgame.

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