02 Jun 2009

Playboy Misteps

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Freelance writer, quondam blogger, and (according to IMDB) miscellaneous film crewman & producer Guy Cimbalo tried for sophisticated risque humor Playboy-style and came across more like a stalker with misogynist derangement syndrome.

His list of CWILFs (not surprisingly) led with cute and vivacious little Michelle Malkin and, rather unkindly, altogether omitted Ann Coulter. I guess Ann Coulter is just too much woman for Cimbalo, even in an exercise in journalistic Onanism.

1. Michelle Malkin

2. Megyn Kelly

3. Mary Katharine Ham

4. Amanda Carpenter

5. Elisabeth Hasselbeck

6. Dana Perino

7. Laura Ingraham

8. Pamela Geller

9. Michele Bachmann

10. Peggy Noonan

Jimmie, at Sundries Shack, produced the response title juste: I Don’t Know Guy Cimbalo, but I’d Enjoy Punching Him in the Mouth.

And it didn’t take very long at all, once Cimbalo’s limp effort attracted comment, for Playboy to decide the whole thing wasn’t really worth defending, and they simply hit delete.

Doubtless an amusing take on lust for attractive conservative female commentators from a conflicted liberal perspective could be written, but this one wasn’t it.

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I Don’t Know Guy Cimbalo, but I’d Enjoy Punching Him in the Mouth. : The Sundries Shack

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Jack Reacher

Noonan no longer can claim the title “conservative”.


Conservative women are HOTter! Just imagine the justified ‘Liberal’ outrage if say, Hustler Magazine ran a disgusting parody where Rush, Hannity, Beck, Savage and Ann Coulter gang-rape and tickle-torture Katie Couric, the PIAPS, and then Nancy Pelosi.

Imagine. The outrage would last for months in the MSM. There would be calls for firings and boycotts. NOW would be apoplectic. Poor little outraged, hypocritical Libs.


absurd thought –
God of the Universe says
joke about raping women

if they are conservative
EVIL freedom lovers…

absurd thought –
God of the Universe says
sex is the height of evil

so is photography
but not pornography

absurd thought –
God of the Universe says
always rape women…

who are conservative
they’re just gender traitors

Steve Shirk

I was never a lover of the Playboy articles, but I did look at the pictures. Never again, and though some would say a 55 year old man has no business looking at pictures of half naked women anyway, Playboy has lost the support of literally every married or otherwise spoken for man in the United States.

Imagine trying to explain to your significant other now why you would have Playboy magazine in the bathroom or at the bottom of a sock drawer. Hugh Hefner has finally run out of luck permanently. Playboy is no more.

We really haven’t lost anything anyway. I was actually surprised that Playboy was still in business in 2009, given the breadth of available pornography at megabit speeds in most homes today. I suppose it was inevitable that Playboy would go down in flames as its’ relevance has all but completely diminished anyway. After all, the NY Times is taking shots at conservatives everyday, as they take the slow train into bankruptcy. Why would Playboy be any different? The opposite of sex appeal is rape, where in the case of the Times, the opposite of news is vile gossip.

A real man...

That Tommy dolt is a worthless piece of human waste. He’s an oxygen stealin’ idiot and deserved everything he got. A true journalist stays true to his corporate owners – he should have never written anything against AOL/Playboy, and since he opted to, he got what he should have very well seen coming his way. Furthermore, he should be ostracized from journalism, end of story…



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