24 Aug 2009

Tasered Bum Catches Fire in Ohio

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mugshot of 31-year-old Daniel Wood

Some people have no compassion.

I mean, here was 31-year-old homeless victim of Capitalist Imperialism Daniel Wood, minding his own business, merely hassling a few customers for spare change outside a shop in Lancaster, Ohio, when along come the local gendarmes to interfere with Mr. Wood’s preferred means of acquiring income. When the structurally disenfranchised Wood, understandably enough, protested his oppression, the police zapped him with a taser. Unfortunately, Mr. Wood had been not long previously been seeking spiritual illumination, huffing keyboard cleaner. Chances are, Mr. Wood had inadvertently spilled a certain amount of toluene on his clothing, because the spark from the police officer’s taser unhappily caused Mr. Wood to burst into flame.

Can you imagine? Fox News and Crunch Gear were actually heartless enough to find an incident like this funny.

Sensitive Foster Kamer, at Gawker, on the other hand, shed one exquisite tear, and complained that he found contemplating the mugshot of Daniel Wood (who was promptly extinguished, and then booked, by police) “sad and spiritually emptying.”

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Those EYES!!

Possibly the long missing son of Nancy Pelosi?


Normally I would find this very funny. But it just so happens that I know Dan. He is a good guy who needs help. He has been a bit unstable for years and I think anyone that knows him would have to admit that. I think this case and indeed this picture shows the need for a more focused effort to treat mental illness. From Dan, to our Veterans, and the elderly. I hope Dan finds the help he so obviously needs.


I can’t find anything funny about this at all!! Being shot with a taser is never funny, quite painful. This is a man trying to survive. What the hell!!!!!


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