13 Sep 2009

NYM Editor Stalked by Crazed Groundhog Blogger

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A month ago, I used the above photo of Mr. Patrick Burns (Burns is the ugly one in the middle) to illustrate a rejoinder to one of his postings defending the intimidation of their owner and the confiscation and imprisonment of eleven hounds belonging to a Philadelphia basset pack.

Last night (talk about l’espirt d’escalier!), Patrick sent me an email with a link to his blog, where, in a fashion worthy of 3rd grade, he accuses me of theft, for using his photo. Burns, by way of retaliation, it seems, also “stole” my Twitter photo (colored green like that of many conservatives on Twitter as an expression of support of the recent pro-democracy insurgency in Iran) using it on his original posting, and even as the basis for an extra web-page demonstrating just how crazy he really is.

In that posting of his, Patrick claims to have sent me some kind of previous demand about that photo, but I never received any such thing.

I wrote Mr. Burns back last night, offering him NYM’s (generous) standard photo use fee. If he declines to accept payment and continues to insist on my removing his photo, I suppose we’ll just have to do without it.

2 Feedbacks on "NYM Editor Stalked by Crazed Groundhog Blogger"

Fellow Terrierman

The problem with Mr. Burns is isn’t sure what side of the fence he wants to be on…….

Animal Lover

Has anyone ever checked out this guy? He says it is fine to make a dog miss a meal so they won’t get fat (and these are dogs who only get one meal a day anyway). He has a picture on his blog of one of his dogs and the poor dog’s ribs are showing. I think this guy is an animal abuser and should be reported. Don’t like how he hold his dog by the scruff in the above picture either. Most hunters do abuse their dogs and this ahole is no exception I think.


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