06 Nov 2009

She Shot Him Four Times, Though Hit Twice Herself

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Sergeant Kimberly Munley

The commanding officer of Fort Hood, Lt. Gen. Bob Cone, reported today that a civilian police officer was responsible for ending the massacre at the Army base.

Fort Hood police Sgt. Kimberly Munley and her partner arrived in under three minutes after receiving reports of gunfire on Thursday afternoon. According to General Cone, Sgt. Munley shot Nidal Malik Hasan four times and brought him down, despite being wounded by him twice during their exchange of fire.

Munley is hospitalized and in stable condition.

General Cone described Munley’s gunfight with the killer as “an amazing and an aggressive performance.”

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On a military base, a civilian has to defend our soldiers. I thank her, but wonder at all those soldiers, unarmed..

Carrie M

What Hillclimber said, and the first thought that came to my mind after hearing about it.


American Soldiers do not carried concealed, or openly on Military Bases.

Maybe they should start. This woman was a(n) ex-Military, private contractor/ed for private Military Police Operations.

Yes, she is a hero, or heroine ( whatever ), but, this just goes to show that police cannot shoot straight. Not to brag, but let me sdhoot you 4 times. ( And OK, OK, here come the hero’s that will say : ” You be under a combat situation! ” – Well, I have been. So shove it. )

Kill sensitivity training, and imporve ranger/hands on shooting tactical advantage skills.

That equals that this scumbad anti-American, faux-terrorist is now DOA. Or should have been.

God Bless the families, the dead, the injured, and the whole Fort Hood, Texas extended family…

Concealed Carry or Open Carry on Federal Installation NOW!

Snidely Whiplash

Courage like that deserves a reward.


Two points:

One, the “story” I heard on NPR, was not about the dead or wounded soldiers or their families, but about the theats (“We know where you are!” – which sounds like a BS threat to me. CAIR would never lie.) CAIR and other Muslims are recieving from us savage Americans. I almost drove off the road. In less than a day they turn the cold-blooded murder of Americans into a sob story of anti-muslim bigotry. Honestly, if Liberals loath themselves and American that much isn’t emigration or suicide a viable option?

Two: Not only are American’s better shots, but even our woman are better shots than . . .


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