12 Nov 2009

Democrat Suicide By Health Care

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These Japanese tried charging into the teeth of determined American resistance.

Even Time magazine recognizes that democrat efforts to impose socialized health care on an unwilling nation are looking more anjd more like the hopeless and futile Banzai attacks made by suicidal Japanese units on well-prepared Marine positions on South Pacific islands during WWII.

Getting hopped up on left wing ideology instead of rice wine, waving 2000 page pieces of legislation instead of samurai swords, and shouting slogans of Envy instead of Banzai! is not going to make the outcome different.

Smart Democrats are thinking we’ve seen this movie before: Suicide by health care. Last week was the trifecta that may have sealed health care’s fate: 1) GOP wins Virginia and New Jersey (!) governor’s races. 2) Business comes out swinging. 3) Unemployment over 10.

“To make matters worse, they force Blue Dogs and front-liners to walk the plank on the Pelosi Plan that exceeds the symbolically important $1 trillion mark, includes the public plan and a big tax increase on small business–all of which are dead-on-arrival in the Senate. BTU2. The attack ads make themselves.

“Now Gallup finds a sudden and massive shift among Indies. And let’s be honest, it’s not that Indies have fallen in love with the GOP agenda, whatever that is. Far from it. They want to put a hard brake on the spending and the borrowing, and they don’t want Washington messing with their health care at a time of intense economic anxiety.

“Meanwhile, the abortion sideshow is the last thing that the White House needed. Gets activists on both sides to man the battle stations and makes the vote a no-win proposition for any Dem in Reddish territory. Worst of all, your typical middle-of-the-road swing voter watches politicians in Washington fighting over abortion and says: ‘I thought we were having a health care debate. I don’t want any part of this. I think I’ll change the channel.’ Oh, and next up: immigration. Which is sure to be a unifying discussion.

“And, at long last, the debate is now squarely focused on health care costs, the soft underbelly of this whole enterprise, the place they never wanted this to go because it’s the issue on which they have no answer. Most voters now believe the bill will raise their personal costs — not a good thing for a politician to be doing in the midst of a deep recession. And when the establishment (CBO, The New York Times, The Washington Post, Mark Warner, Susan Collins) all agree that the bills don’t contain costs, it’s hard to dismiss as a baseless attack.


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