13 Jan 2010

Is Pat Burns Even Worth Responding To?

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Personally, I think wasting a post on him is a bad idea. L’aigle ne chasse pas les mouches and all that. But I think some readers might be disappointed if I did not respond, so…

Basically, Burns today simply takes the same not-very-informative Inquirer article I quoted and linked, and applies a massive sedimentary layer of subjectivity to it, creating a fantasy of his own in which a real judgment of the accuracy of PSPCA complaints was made by the judge on the basis of firm evidence, guilt established, and PSPCA vindicated.


What obviously happened is the lawyers negotiated a deal involving the return of at least one dog to Ms. Willard, and what is being referred to as PSPCA “consulting” with Ms. Willard on the placement of other dogs, which sounds a lot to me like an unarticulated deal to return dogs originating from a different organized pack to their pack of origin. In return, PSPCA gets to save face by coming back and “inspecting,” thus relieving them of culpability and confirming their legitimacy and authority.

To believe those inspections are really necessary, you have to believe that organized hunting packs with ten person staffs and dozens of active members need external supervision to make them clean their kennels, give hounds water daily, or assure veterinary care.

You have to be inclined to accept the validity of violations charged by persons in authority trained to intimidate people into surrendering some of their animals by threatening to take and euthanize all of them, who achieve submission by threatening to apply enough complaints to cause someone to lose her home.

You have to be the kind of person who sneers at other sportsmen for being overweight and aged (when you look like Pat Burns) and who ridicules organized hunting by hound packs in uniform from the superior perspective of the glorious pursuit of vermin with pick and shovel.

Mr. Burns’s mention of a “Mad Woman of Shiloh” [since corrected… ha!] was clearly an inept attempt to allude, in a defamatory comparison of a person he does not know, to Jean Giraudoux’s La Folle de Chaillot [Madwoman of Chaillot]. In that two-act play, the senile and eccentric heroine, “the Countess,” rallies her bohemian neighbors to defend their Parisian suburb against corrupt authorities and opportunists proposing to turn it into a polluted oilfield. Since the madwoman is the heroine and in the right and the authorities are malevolent and corrupt and in the wrong, perhaps Burns’s illiterate attempt at metaphor comes accidentally closer to the mark than he could possibly have realized.

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Does it surprise you that Burns, in addition to being intellectually dishonest, is also willfully stupid and sexist?

His admirers always ignore that he’s a man who kills possums for fun.

Fellow Terrierman

Mr. Burns is a man of may conflicts as he can not decide what side of the fence he wants to be on. He promotes working dogs but only if he agrees with the who, what, when, where, how, & whys. And of course what registry you use (rolls eyes), as well as how many times you breed your dogs. He also prefers non registered purebreds? … opps almost forgot, your dogs must be cherished housepets!

As to his followers, most are non hunting, but support hunting as long as they never have to do it, type of clan. I am unsure why Mr. Burn hunts, as the little that he does serves no purpose. He does not eat, or tan the hides of his victims (the way Mr. Burns talks about others treatment of animals I feel this word is fitting) or hunt enough, nor have enough dogs even if he did, to provide farmers any kind of service. I suspect he does it for the bragging rights at his man weekends, clad in his flintstone leopard print onesy.

No serious terrierman has ever embraced Mr. Burns. anyone that gets close… quickly finds the back door. Good terriers are hard to come by, and even harder are worthy terriermen, Mr. Burns is not considered one of them….

Conor Brady

I, very unfortunately, bumped into this man lately, though I use the term loosely. Here’s how it went https://dogsfirst.ie/a-conversation-with-terrierman/


Pat Burns, I’m afraid, is a disturbed and extremely volatile individual. I found it impossible to have a friendly correspondence with him about a decade ago.


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