30 Mar 2010

How Much Do Liberals Resemble Terrorists?

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Quite a lot, Frank J. Fleming opines:

[B]oth groups employ the strategy of suicide attacks. Terrorists will kill themselves to hurt Americans for the promise of sexy dames in the afterlife. Liberals in Congress appear willing to commit political suicide by cramming an unpopular health care bill down America’s throat for the promise of later living in a utopia where all the smart people like them get to make all the big decisions for everybody — the secular version of paradise.

Read the whole thing.

One Feedback on "How Much Do Liberals Resemble Terrorists?"


I have solved many conundrums about the mind of the leftist, but not that one as yet:

People unhappy with collectivism just want to immigrate in the United States and it makes sense to me; then why people unhappy with the way things are in United States seldom want to immigrate in collectivists countries?

I invite each every American collectivist to consider this question, as I invite all the others to ask it calmly and seriously to the former.

As a matter of fact, I let American collectivists who read me know that a great deal of them would be very welcome in collectivist countries such as France and Germany, among many others, where skilled physicians are now missing… owing to a healthcare bill voted decades ago, precisely.


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