25 Apr 2010

Good Things Sometimes Come in Bad Packages

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Two of the three senators from New York.

Reality is strange. The draconian immigration law passed in Arizona is bad for Republicans in the long run, but even the worst blunders can sometimes have a silver lining.

Arizona’s passage of an anti-illegals bill is precipitating a democrat party Congressional response. Democrats want to defy current majority opinion one more time by taking up (with customary partisanship) immigration reform.

The democrat grab for the Hispanic bloc will anger many centrists, and it had incidentally the amusing effect of flushing Lindsey Graham out of a (shudder!) bipartisan environmentalist coalition with John Kerry and Joseph Lieberman that was getting ready to introduce tomorrow a major climate change bill.

Instead of reaching across the aisle to destroy further the American economy and empower the federal government to regulate and tax some more, Graham petulantly withdrew his support from the absolutely marvelous bill which he assures us would have gone a long way toward making America energy independent while preserving our environment pristine and unspoiled and instead he denounced the democrats change of priorities as “a cynical political ploy.”

I’d rather see the immigration debate conducted rationally and responsibly but, hey! what issue in American politics ever is?

If immigration is going to be a stupid and divisive issue, at least this time it seems to have put a spoke in a very deserving wheel, the looming “climate change bill.” Let’s fight over immigration some more instead.

One Feedback on "Good Things Sometimes Come in Bad Packages"


Amusing photo caption!
What you are seeing is God’s hand in the destiny of our great nation.
1. It flushes out atheists.
2. It flushes out pathetic blobs (I am being charitable) like Graham.
3. It protects us from illegal immigration (see George H. Wittman’s excellent piece in The American Spectator today).
4. It protects us from being tainted by “Republican” support for the ultimate fiscal entropy bill, Cap & Tax.
By the way, I am from Minnesota, and the soil covering most of our state was formed in glacial till. Much of the rest is either bedrock scraped bare by continental ice sheets, loess deposits from a time when the regional climate was much colder and drier than today, or lacustrine deposits leftover from the big melt. You’d have to be a fool not to believe most of Minnesota was covered by ice a relatively short while ago. That’s a climate change orders of magnitude larger than the one thy want you to believe was caused by a fossil fuels burp.


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