03 May 2010

Household Cavalry Marksman Claims New Sniping Record

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Corporal of Horse (equivalent to Sergeant) Craig Harrison, Household Cavalry Regiment

Last November, while escorting an Afghan Infantry unit, CoH Harrison’s troop commander’s Jackal fighting vehicle came under fire from insurgents armed with a PKM. From further back on the ridge, CoH Harrison rested the bipod of his .338 Lapua Magnum L115A3 on a compound wall, and shot both jihadis dead at 1.54 miles, establishing a new military sniper’s record.

London Times:

A British Army sniper has set a new sharpshooting distance record by killing two Taliban machinegunners in Afghanistan from more than 1 miles away.

Craig Harrison, a member of the Household Cavalry, killed the insurgents with consecutive shots — even though they were 3,000ft beyond the most effective range of his rifle.

“The first round hit a machinegunner in the stomach and killed him outright,” said Harrison, a Corporal of Horse. “He went straight down and didn’t move.

“The second insurgent grabbed the weapon and turned as my second shot hit him in the side. He went down, too. They were both dead.”

The shooting — which took place while Harrison’s colleagues came under attack — was at such extreme range that the 8.59mm (.338 Lapua Magnum — DZ) bullets took almost three seconds to reach their target after leaving the barrel of the rifle at almost three times the speed of sound.

The distance to Harrison’s two targets was measured by a GPS system at 8,120ft, or 1.54 miles. The previous record for a sniper kill is 7,972ft, set by a Canadian soldier who shot dead an Al-Qaeda gunman in March 2002. …

Harrison and his colleagues were in open-topped Jackal 4×4 vehicles providing cover for an Afghan national army patrol south of Musa Qala in November last year. When the Afghan soldiers and Harrison’s troop commander came under enemy fire, the sniper, whose vehicle was further back on a ridge, trained his sights on a Taliban compound in the distance. His L115A3 long-range rifle, the army’s most powerful sniper weapon, is designed to be effective at up to 4,921ft and supposedly capable of only “harassing fire” beyond that range.

“We saw two insurgents running through its courtyard, one in a black dishdasha, one in green,” he said. “They came forward carrying a PKM machinegun, set it up and opened fire on the commander’s wagon.

“Conditions were perfect, no wind, mild weather, clear visibility. I rested the bipod of my weapon on a compound wall and aimed for the gunner firing the machinegun.

“The driver of my Jackal, Trooper Cliff O’Farrell, spotted for me, providing all the information needed for the shot, which was at the extreme range of the weapon.”

Harrison killed one machinegunner with his first attempt and felled the other with his next shot. He then let off a final round to knock the enemy weapon out of action.

Harrison discovered that he had set a new record only on his return to UK barracks nine days ago. The previous record was held by Corporal Rob Furlong, of Princess Patricia’s Canadian Light Infantry, who was using a 12.7mm (otherwise known as the .50 BMG — DZ) McMillan TAC-50 rifle.

L115A3 long-range rifle

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Lucius Quinctius

Outstanding, Carlos would be very proud!

Dave J

The 338 Lapua is a nice round. A bud in NH and I designed our own 338 wildcat based on the 376 Steyr case. It affords WinMag numbers without the hassle of the belt in a slightly smaller case.

The Household Cavalry ride down The Mall

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Harrison a PHONY

Such a LIAR…
It is not a question of ballistics at this point more of Optics….
He would have to aim at the sky with his scope maxed out… may as well of been blindfolded. No way the bullet would of even scratched the PK at that range..take it out my ass… sounds like he was taking pot shots at the same time the convoy opened up and claimed it as his own….. LOSER


OK to the moron above…go back to playing COD. Maybe you should get out of Mom’s basement a bit more…..LOSER

brian shepherd

ok.1.54 miles..STILL shirter than the two something an americasn sergeant shot here lately..2.3 miles away i believe havent seen the updates as of yet
look for the militaries deadliest sniper..u will see him in action..but..bottom line?..we all doing the right thing and we are are the same world wide team.. love l’d shooting myself.

brian shepherd

correction to previous post..look the sergeant up on military.com…and its..”long distance ” shooting i love best..


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