29 Jun 2010


Bill Hobbs:

Son said, “Dad, what’s a Democrat?” I explained Dems like to take your money and spend it themselves. He’s a Republican now and forever.

John Hinderaker puts it even better:

A simple way to think about the Democratic Party is, you’re the human being, they’re the tapeworm. Yet they claim a weird sort of parasite’s moral superiority over you: if you point out that they have their hand in your pocket, you’re a “smartass.” The Democratic Party needs to be torn, root and branch, from our public life.

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When I was about seven, I asked my parents to explain the difference between Democrats and Republicans. They told me that Democrats care about everybody, and Republicans only care about themselves. I was a Democrat until I was about 15.

K Busch

The Democratic Party needs to be torn, root and branch, from our public life


And accoring to right wing punks like you, northern Lincoln style republicans like me have no place in the republican party.

so tell you what, why dont you try that “torn, root and branch, from our public life” on someone like me.

You and your ilk, have been attacking moderate republicans long enough. You specifically mention democrats, but what you mean is anyone that does not agree with your un-American, seccionist teabagger ideas, that your extremist view is the only one that matters.


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