20 Sep 2010

The Logic of the Governing Elite

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Randall Hoven has compiled a long list of cases of liberal doublethink.

George Orwell said, “There are some ideas so wrong that only a very intelligent person could believe in them.” What follows is my beginning of a list of ideas that some very intelligent people seem to believe.

The air should be taxed. More precisely, what every animal on earth exhales and what every plant on earth inhales can and should be taxed.

President Bush was bad for the economy because he spent too much. President Obama is helping the economy by spending a lot. …

The Boy Scouts are wrong for having policies that inhibit pedophilia. The Catholic Church was wrong for not having policies that inhibit pedophilia.

An economy in which government accounts for about 40% of economic activity, which owns a similar percentage of all land, and which enforces a stack of regulations the size of 64 Bibles (or 30 New Deals) is considered a radical laissez-faire free market.

Read the whole thing.

One Feedback on "The Logic of the Governing Elite"


When the government takes money from people who were saving and investing it, then spends it, that is consider a positive economic event because each dollar transferred purportedly generates an additional dollar and a half of national income.

When Bernie Madoff took money from savers and investors and gave it to people who most assuredly were going to spend it, they sent him to jail.


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