03 Nov 2010

How Did Harry Reid Pull It Out?

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Byron York explains in the Washington Examiner that union money and gambling industry muscle allowed an extremely unpopular senator to survive a weak challenge.

Funded by millions of dollars from public-sector unions, Reid relentlessly attacked Angle from the moment she won the GOP nomination. Many of the earliest attacks went unanswered, forming impressions of Angle so negative that they outweighed the voters’ negative opinion of Reid.

And then there was Reid’s organizational strength. Both Reid and Angle held their election-night parties in Las Vegas casinos, Reid in the new Aria complex and Angle at the Venetian. That’s nothing out of the ordinary in Nevada, but the difference between them was that Reid was entirely at home, with the enormous financial power and organizing muscle of the gambling industry and its union allies in his corner, while Angle was relying on votes from people who live far from Las Vegas. Republicans across the country who were hoping for a miracle in this race discovered that raw power wins the day.

And bending the rules, too. On election day there were reports that casino giant Harrah’s had worked with the Reid campaign and the unions, particularly the Culinary Workers Union, to herd virtually all unionized employees to early voting stations to vote for Reid. According to a report in National Review Online, one Reid staffer told Harrah’s officials that he would do anything — for emphasis, he wrote it ANYTHING — to get those workers to the polls.

By mid-day Tuesday, the Nevada Republican Party had filed a complaint with the Secretary of State’s office. “Employees’ votes were being tracked and supervisors were instructed by top management to personally confront employees to find out why they had not voted,” the complaint said. “Further, the evidence shows that Harrah’s management has continually communicated to employees their concern with electing Harry Reid and not just to ensure that the employees voted for the candidates of their choice.” Such conduct, the complaint argued, violates Nevada law.

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Republicans refer to the “gaming industry” not the “gambling industry.” See Ralph Reed, and Jack Abramoff. Union money is the same color as Banking money, only it comes from groups of working people instead of Wall Street.

Maggie's Farm

Thurs morning S&M links…

A spanking is what was administered to the Dems on Tuesday, minus (or not) the fun sado-masochistic eroticism. (Don’t ever try to tell me that you’ve never had kinky thoughts.) Pic is from Vintage Spanking.
Still strange in CT – wh…

T. Shaw

I just cut up my harrahs players club card.

David, Wall Street/bank money went 2 to 1 for the filthy despicables. The Dodd Fwank Bank Weform Bill made too big to fail statute.

Paul Gooch

Trouble is, Harry will never be held to account for his unlawful activity. Ever. Why should any candidate be nervous about stealing elections in the future? You don’t even get your wrist slapped, let alone forced out of your stolen office.

Franken proved that point.


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