10 Nov 2010

One More Warmlist Entry

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It is always a good day for NYM when we are able to add one more dire effect to the Warmlist catalogue.

Julie Cart, at the LA Times, consults the environmental seers who explain that grizzly bear predation on humans in Wyoming and Montana results from Global Warming.

A number of complex factors are believed to be working against grizzlies, including climate change. Milder winters have allowed bark beetles to decimate the white-bark pine, whose nuts are a critical food source for grizzlies. Meanwhile, there has been a slight seasonal shift for plants that grizzlies rely on when they prepare to hibernate and when they emerge in the spring, changing the creatures’ denning habits.

The result, some biologists say, is that bears accustomed to feasting on berries and nuts in remote alpine areas are being pushed into a more meat-dependent diet that puts them on a collision course with the other dominant regional omnivore: humans.

Of course.

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Grover Joseph Rees

Lest anyone be tempted to attempt a band-aid solution to this problem, bear in mind that the bark beetle is a magnificent creature, a real surivor that has evolved over the trillennia into a perfect white-bark-pine-bark-eating machine. Any threat to it or to its habitat would be a tragic loss of biodiversity.

No Man

Two can play that game.

Reinstitute hunting seasons for grizzlie bears – problem (predation of humans) solved. Added bonus: bark beetles will be saved.


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