20 Jan 2011

Mall Fountains Need Piranhas

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It started out, a few days ago, when an inattentive woman walking and texting in a mall near Reading, Pennsylvania obliviously proceeded to walk into the side of a decorative fountain and fell in. Her minor, but embarrassing, mishap, recorded on security cameras, was posted on YouTube and became the viral humor item of the week. At that point, it was simply mildly funny.


But add the mainstream media, represented by George Stephanopolous and ABC News, and a local lawyer talking about investigating who is responsible, and we have a sad commentary on today’s America.

The inattentive woman eagerly embraces victim status, her lawyer pompously promises to investigate who exactly was responsible (as if that was not perfectly evident from the video itself), and finally George Stephanopolous, having listened to all this, proceeds to congratulate her for being a good sport. If she is a good sport, you certainly wouldn’t want to run into a whining idiot.

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I think he meant finding out who was responsible for posting it on YouTube. However, it does need to be pointed out that no one would know who the woman was if she had just kept her mouth shut and chalked the whole incident up to ‘life experiences’. But no, she wants to make it a ‘learning experience’ for texters, especially teenagers, and… oh, yes, sue somebody. I think it was Eleanor Roosevelt that said that no one can insult you without your permission.

This is why a judge needs to review these types of cases before the defendants are even charged (and before they have to spend a single dime) and approve or dismiss the whole thing. Save money all the way around.


Just in case anyone starts showing signs of misplaced sympathy, she has been charged for credit-card theft and hit-and-run driving.




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